“When the context for design is erased it becomes style.”

Josephine Wilson’s second novel, Extinctions, won the 2017 Miles Franklin Literary Award. Mark Scruby speaks to her about the key role that furniture and designed objects play in the story. Mezzanine: How would you describe Extinctions to someone who hasn’t read it? Josephine Wilson: I tried to write a book that had many layers, that […]

A contemporary update to Marco Zanuso’s iconic Lady armchair

Designed in 1951 by Italian architect and designer Marco Zanuso for Arflex, the Lady armchair won the gold medal at the IX Milan Triennale in the same year. Today, the look of the Lady armchair has been given a contemporary update via a new offering of fabrics designed by Raf Simons and introduced to Cassina’s Everest collection. The […]

The considered art of custom furniture

Despite creating a wonderful folio of custom furniture pieces, the bespoke road is one B.E Architecture design director Broderick Ely walks with caution. The imposing dining table that sits in the kitchen of the St Vincent Place residence looks decades old. Crafted from two huge slabs of an elm tree that have been cut down […]

New glass brick range draws on Murano glass-making techniques

A new brick collection is drawing on the fine quality and craft traditions of Italy’s famous Murano glass-making techniques and transforming them into a crystal-clear glass brick. Created by Austral Bricks, the Poesia collection’s solid glass construction allows architects and designers to use the bricks to create light-filled interiors, gallery spaces and transparent volumes that […]

Designing for aged care

As Australia’s older generation continues to grow, the architecture and design community is beginning to see tremendous opportunity for change within aged care, says Kirstin Ojerholm business development manager at Zenith Interiors. By 2042 one in four Australians will be 65 years or older. This unprecedented change in our society, coupled with longer life expectancy, means […]

Fusing online and offline in the pharmacy world

A new pharmacy has sprung up in Brooklyn, New York that blends its online and physical worlds through playful visual cues and ease of use. Medly Pharmacy is a neighbourhood pharmacy that wants to override the often impersonal experience that people have when they visit a pharmacy. Owners Marg and Sahaj Patel wanted to create […]

Pendant light with acoustic qualities

The new Teamwork pendant light from Melbourne-based ISM Objects has been specially crafted to absorb sound, with the aim of enhancing both concentration and collaboration in the home and workplace. The light shell is crafted from spun aluminium and has a decorative fabric panel that conceals an internal sound absorbing material. The outer shell is […]

The Arne Jacobsen classic Pot chair gets a modern facelift

It might not have received the same appreciation as its design icon siblings the Egg and the Swan, but the Pot chair by Arne Jacobsen has been relaunched by Fritz Hansen to bring a classic 1950s feel to contemporary interiors. The trio of chairs were originally designed in 1959 for the SAS Royal Hotel in […]

Bringing mobile style to desk environments

High numbers of us now work in shared spaces or find ourselves hot-desking around the office. While flexible environments promote collaboration and give employees more freedom, they can leave our creative spaces looking a little bland. To inject some personalisation into hot-desking, interior designer Christian Pistauer and Judit Maireder, director of brand consultancy firm Y Brand, […]

Franco Crea on building a business in design

As Melbourne-based furniture designer Franco Crea prepares to launch a new sofa collection named after his mother Mena who passed away recently, he took some time to share his thoughts on building a design business in Australia and the myriad challenges young creatives face. ADR: Since establishing your company in 2013 you’re now running studios […]