Skeletons: Harry and Penelope Seidler’s House

The stunning location of the house adds to its theatricality. It is where the Seidlers brought up their two children, Polly and Timothy, and is just as impressive today as it was when completed.

HASSELL launches Urban Futures

Yesterday, HASSELL launched Urban Futures – a thought-provoking program and blog which features research and new ideas in both the local and international architectural sphere. David Tickle, HASSELL principal and urban design sector leader, speaks to ADR about the project.

Q&ADR: Sharyn Lowe of Flaunt

ADR talks to Sharyn Lowe – managing director of Flaunt Media and Marketing. Lowe manages the PR for many clients in the art, architecture and design sphere, and discusses her love of design, how architects and designers can market themselves better, and who she has her money on as the next big thing in Australian design.

WEST: Derek Swalwell’s latest photography collection

“WEST arose from a long-running fascination of the type of sun-bleached Americana that exists around LA, and all the way to Las Vegas. It’s a special sort of grand, faded architecture with people to match.” Architectural photographer Derek Swalwell will be presenting his latest exhibition of works this month, from April 27.

How content marketing can benefit architects

Should we ‘queer’ architecture?