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Founded in 1979, GroupGSA is a multi-disciplinary design practice delivering quality planning and built solutions. The range of our work reflects a national and global presence. The depth of knowledge and experience of our staff makes GroupGSA a leader in the design and construction of the built environment. At GroupGSA, we think laterally and act effectively to design and deliver innovative solutions to our clients. Our design philosophy is about creating spaces in which the individual’s experience is paramount. A responsive approach to the project parameters ensures we deliver a unique solution to the end user. We seek and respond to the personality and character of both the user and the building – a holistic and frank approach that expresses the true work ethic of the organisation.

  • Interior Design: Brave

    An informal, open office interior designed for an advertising agency, with windows shaped like retro televisions.

  • Un-built: LSA Brisbane office

    A contemporary office design featuring a faceted metal ceiling reflecting the client’s gold mining history, designed by GroupGSA.

  • Interior Design: CLUB SWANS

    GroupGSA’s design for the Sydney Swans club house incorporates layers of interior space and striking outdoor rooms.