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‘Spaces within spaces’ – Zenith creates precincts for any workplace

‘Spaces within spaces’ – Zenith creates precincts for any workplace


The modern workspace is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ configuration. 

If the coworking and the work-from-home movements have taught us anything, it’s that different personalities require different modalities – and those preferences can change over the course of a day.

Zenith has seen the workplace evolve since its inception in 1956. As the years have unfolded, the furniture solutions company has remained curious, embracing each wave of new technology.

The Precinct Collection from Zenith is a series of individual elements that, when combined, create ‘spaces within spaces’. Configurable lounge modules, pods, screens, and booths become ‘precincts’ for focus, connection or collaboration. 

The addition of three new models of Precinct pod marks the completion of the collection.

Multidisciplinary design practice Hot Black has created floor plans and renders that showcase how the Precinct Collection can be used as an adaptive and comprehensive furniture solution.


Dedicated workspaces for undisrupted privacy or quiet discussions such as library areas can use Precinct Pods ‘run’ configurations. These defined workspaces offer the privacy to immerse in independent work without distraction.

Integrated worktop areas edged by modular panels create a three-sided pod for study and deep focus. Precinct Pods can assemble in linear or group structures to adapt to countless floor plans and optimise available space.


Attractive and functional lounge spaces encourage employees to communicate, collaborate, or simply grab a fleeting moment to unwind. 

Precinct Focus Lounges provide a soft seating haven within a busy environment. Enclosed by high screens, Precinct Focus fosters concentration for individual work scenarios or provides the perfect retreat for quiet meetings.


Modern workspaces consider and integrate the many ways we work. Informal lounges provide an area for quiet thought, brainstorming or casual presentations. 

Precinct Lounge Modules can come together in innumerable ways, including as standalone pieces for quiet calls, or arranged together for team huddles. 

As more companies adopt hybrid work models, the efficiency and utility of workspaces gain greater importance. Precinct Pods are compatible with Zenith Connect’s desk reservation system, Floorsense. Employees can pre-book a pod, choosing a time and setting suitable to their tasks.


Collaboration encourages problem-solving, mutual learning and teamwork. 

The Precinct Meet Booth provides ‘a room within a room’. With its aesthetic versatility, Precinct Meet Booth works as a break-out booth or a quiet nook to collaborate. High-screen booths create an enclave for private group work that can be configured side-by-side or back-to-back.

Creating adaptive precincts

Adaptive spaces allow businesses to change at pace and provide flexible special options for employee needs.

Holistic and encompassing, the Precinct collection by Zenith realises the needs of the modern workplace. It’s a comprehensive acoustic-panelled system designed for infinite modularity. 

Workspace floorplan design by Hot Black with the Precinct Collection.

Images supplied by Zenith.

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