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Krost’s Sydney offices are a blueprint for workplace design

Krost’s Sydney offices are a blueprint for workplace design


When it comes to workspaces for its own staff, the office furniture company practises what it preaches.

Operating a successful furniture company requires the intelligence of sales, administration, marketing and finance, as well as the brains behind manufacturing, distribution, logistics and warehousing. Krost’s Mascot Office is its centre for the former team, while the Smithfield Office is dedicated to the latter.

In a recent renovation of both Sydney offices, however, Krost carefully reconfigured the amenities to encourage fluid movement between the sites.

“Given the drastic changes in work dynamics post-COVID, we really want to give people the ability to have multiple work contexts to keep them engaged and in an innovative mindset,” explains design manager Carly Krost.

“Research shows that multi-context work settings can drive innovation by facilitating different modes of thinking and problem-solving. Hence, our dual-office strategy doesn’t just answer logistical needs – it serves as a dynamic ecosystem that keeps our team members agile and engaged.”

Krost’s in-house team coordinated the design and installation of the new flexible, intuitive and human-centric offices.

“We see our workspace as more than just an area where tasks get completed – it’s a living, breathing entity that contributes significantly to our organisational culture and employee well-being,” says Krost.

Previously, the Sydney offices leaned heavily on traditional executive suites and a large open-plan area. While open offices were once promoted as a silver bullet for social interaction, they often failed to deliver the privacy needed for focused work. The renovation provided the opportunity to create more work environments using the best of what Krost has to offer.

Archi Task Chairs, designed for supreme ergonomic comfort, are the centrepieces of the open workstation areas.

Logic docking stations also provide seamless tech interfaces, making transitions between different work settings effortless. New staff breakout areas – which include Krost’s Remi counter table – feature around the office for impromptu catch-ups, while the curves of Sofi Ottoman seating enable informal chats.

“We are excited to be using our new Clic Workstation range, where we have paired the black frame with a Coastal Oak Woodmatt worktop from Polytec,” says Krost.

“Custom joinery planter boxes divide up workstations to add privacy and green space.”

The enthusiasm among Krost’s Sydney teams in the wake of the workplace revamp has been “electrifying”.

“One of the most rewarding aspects has been witnessing our team eagerly guide our clients through the space. They take immense pride in explaining the rationale behind each zone,” concludes Krost.

Photography by Pixel Collective3.

Explore the full range of office furniture on the Krost website.


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