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Hassell teams up with Cult to furnish Sydney lobby


Hassell teams up with Cult to furnish Sydney lobby


A distinctly urban feel dominates the lobby area of 60 Martin Place, designed by Hassell with furniture from Cult.

The building, completed in 2019, sits on a prominent corner of Sydney’s global financial hub, in one of the most coveted sites in the city.

At 33-floors, the tower has a striking curved facade with enviable views of next door’s St Stephen’s Church, designed by architects John Reid and Finlay Munro Junior.

In an agreement between owners, developers and designers, Hassell incorporated the building into 60 Martin Place, designing a unique cantilever that sees the tower’s north face extends out eight metres above the 1930s-era stone church.

The building also gives back to the ​neighbourhood, carving out generous public space for indoor and outdoor dining, retail and events. The church facade’s can be seen across five levels in the building, and allows people on the upper levels to view and engage with events below.

Stepping in from the busy streets, visitors to 60 Martin Place are greeted by expansive glass walls and silver columns.

A commanding timber and marble staircase connects the building’s first five floors, drawing the eye upwards.

At the reception area, warm timber accents and soft lighting bring intimacy to the cavernous lobby.

In its centre, a welcoming waiting and gathering area is furnished with an assortment of furniture from Cult.

The Australian furniture and lighting supplier provided some of its most iconic pieces for this corner of 60 Martin Place, which is perfectly placed for impromptu catch ups, quick debriefs or just a few moments of relaxation in between a busy schedule.

Crowning the space is Carl Hansen’s CH322 table. Designed by the Danish furniture brand in 1960, it is a bold interpretation of the traditional craftsmanship for which its cabinetmaking founder was known.

Sculptural and light with beautiful lines that add elegance to the overall design aesthetic of 60 Martin Place, the CH322 brings an understated contemporary feel to the lobby.

It’s paired by the Hassell design team with Arne Jacobsen’s Egg, Swan and Series 7 chairs, all of which he designed for fellow Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen.

The sculptural Egg is one of Jacobsen’s best recognised pieces and was designed, along with the Swan, at the end of the 1950s for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

In 60 Martin Place, the curves of both are a welcome contrast to the sharp lines of the building’s architecture.

Sitting along Jacobsen’s other masterpiece – the ever popular Series 7 chair – the pieces are an inviting sight to anyone walking through this busy business hub in Sydney’s CBD.

Discover the Egg, Swan and Series 7 chairs, along with Carl Hansen’s CH322 Table and all the rest of Cult’s expansive furniture and lighting collections on the Cult website or by visiting one of its Australian showrooms.

Photography: Mark Syke.

ADR recently caught up with company founder and director Richard Munao to chat about Cultivated – a sustainability initiative launched by Cult that buys back, refurbishes and recycles its furniture as part of the company’s commitment to taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of its products.


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