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2014 marks a new era at Rogerseller. For over a century we’ve brought you timeless products for the bathroom, then kitchens and now, for your entire home.

A few months ago we introduced the revolutionary Italian kitchen artisans, Valcucine, to the Rogerseller family. Now we’re proud to announce another new arrival from Italy ­­­– Lema. Lema’s strong tradition of craftsmanship and attention to quality is reflected through its beautifully crafted wardrobes, living and furniture systems.

The hidden technologies available in the Lema wardrobe offer allow you to create made to measure compositions that are unique to your project.  Working together, Rogerseller will bring your design to life playing the role of translator; interpreting your vision and utilising distinctive Lema elements to produce a truly unique result.

It’s time to look again at Rogerseller. www.rogerseller.com.au



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