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Australian designer furniture brand Kett, breaking new ground

Australian designer furniture brand Kett, breaking new ground


Traditionally in Australia, it’s the European designer brands that have resonated the most. However, Australian brand Kett has been breaking new ground.

Kett was founded by Cosh Living directors Shane Sinnott and Colin Kupke. The pair were motivated to start their own indoor furniture brand after a decade of success in supplying modern contemporary outdoor furniture into the Australian market.

Kett Otway modular sofa

Otway modular sofa

Kett is the embodiment of this vision; a new brand in the interior landscape with a dedicated studio, defined by a subtle yet sophisticated palette of materials, tones, colours and form.

The new Kett brand started some 18 months ago when Sinnott and Kupke were introduced to leading industrial designer Justin Hutchinson and the foundations of the design studio were set in place.

Kett Otway armchair

The Otway armchair.

In setting up the design studio in the beautiful surrounds of the Abbotsford Convent, Hutchinson and his team set about defining the internal processes of the studio while working closely with Cosh Directors Sinnott and Kupke, whose energy and enthusiasm for quality design is contagious.

As part of the inaugural release in 2017, Kett Studio drew inspiration from the beautiful Victorian coastline from Point Addis to Johanna beach. In all, five new collections have been launched this year – Addis, Aireys, Johnna, Otway and Wye.

Kett Otway armchair detail

Detail of the Otway armchair.

Each of the collections are defined by a specific colour, shape and form, which represent the Australian landscape from those regions.

The response from the Australian design community to the new Kett brand has been overwhelming, and the Cosh Living team are now focused on integrating Kett into each of its showrooms and continuing the journey.

Wye armchair by Kett

Wye armchair.

Cosh currently has showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, and are opening a new showroom in Cheltenham in early 2018.



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