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Sorona® Naturals Collection

Sorona® Naturals Collection


The Natural commercial choice

The latest innovation in carpet tiles and planks brought to you exclusively by Godfrey Hirst. The Sorona® Naturals Collection brings a unique solution combining sustainability, effortless cleaning and extra heavy-duty performance in a collection of products tailored to complement the most exacting of design standards.


Renewably sourced

The highly innovative and renewably sourced biopolymer, Sorona®, developed by DuPont, is what makes the Naturals Collection create beautiful, healthy and high performance spaces. This unique biopolymer is made from 37% annually renewably, plant based materials, placing much less reliance on natural resources and petroleum based ingredients than other synthetic fibres. Producing Sorona® also uses exceptionally less energy and releases considerably fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of nylon fibres.

Effortless cleaning for life

Reduce time and cost by simply cleaning stubborn commercial spills with just water. The science behind the unique biopolymer used to create the Sorona® Naturals Collection lies within its molecular structure, which is virtually impervious to liquids. This prevents spills from penetrating the fibres and turning into stains. Unlike traditional topical treatments, this Sorona® ‘for life’ technology does not wear or wash off over time.

Sorona® absorbs 16 times less moisture than nylon 6,6 fibres, providing excellent anti-microbial properties and fast cleaning and drying times, making the Natruals Collection suitable for all commercial applications, including health and aged care facilities.

Godfrey Hirst

Designed for commercial interiors

The Sorona® Naturals Collection offers three design friendly products specifically created for commercial spaces. Prompted by the products plant based origins, inspiration was taken from nature to curate a range of carpet tiles and planks featuring colours and patterns that echo three distinct concepts – Terrene, Nautilus and Oxygen.

Godfrey Hirst 3

Terrene explores the connection between man-made linear design and the ancient uninterrupted alluvial lines of the earth itself. The linear pattern of Terrene flows through the skinny plank serving to visually expand interior dimensions, while anchoring the space in terrestrial harmony.

Godfrey Hirst 3

Nautilus multi-level loop carpet planks evoke the mesmerising ebb and flow of the ocean with a subtle tidal design. Taking its cue from the mysterious coils and wave-like crest of the Nautilus shell, a soothing repeat pattern crafts a congruous space awash with reflective calm and serenity.


Oxygen is inspired by a visual representation of the atmosphere and features a discreet free form pattern in a tip-sheared loop pile. An elegant yet visually arresting tile, the broad application of Oxygen delivers a blast of pure and invigorating energy to any commercial interior.

Sorona® Naturals Collection will handle the toughest of foot traffic too. Rated Contract Extra Heavy Duty and Stairs, the highest possible grading awarded under the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme, with a superior underfoot ‘bounce back’, these carpet tiles and planks are suitable for busy working environments and active public spaces in the office, retail, healthcare, education or hospitality segments.

Drawing on one hundred and fifty years local manufacturing experience, the Sorona® Naturals Collection is made in Australia from the yarn right through to carpet. Godfrey Hirst is delighted to present this genuinely innovative product with its strong environmental focus, designed for you to create beautiful, healthy and high performance commercial spaces.
To request a sample, view the range or find out more about the extraordinary Sorona® Naturals Collection, please visit www.godfreyhirst.com or contact your local Godfrey Hirst Account Manager.



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