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Steel lockers for the evolving workplace

Steel lockers for the evolving workplace


Where once historically confined to sports or school facilities, steel lockers are now being chosen to introduce connection points and support collaboration in the evolving workplace.

Planex has developed xLocker2 an award-winning steel storage system for flexible workplaces and end-of-journey storage for commuters and mobile workers. xLocker2 is a place to store personal belongings and recharge portable devices, it provides a connection point, sound barrier, feature wall, island, powering station and most importantly a flexible personal storage solution.


Telstra Discovery workplace with Planex storage.

xLocker2 is 100% recyclable, VOC free, Green Star rated ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, and AFRDI Blue and Green tick certified. xLocker2 will not end up as landfill at the end of its life-cycle as steel replaces the use of unrecyclable engineered boards used in joinery contributing to the overall sustainability rating of the fitout.


Evolution offices

xLocker2 drives productivity, maximizes space and provides better flexibility than traditional laminate lockers. Reflecting staffing numbers, units can be replaced, reconfigured, integrated or removed. Unlike joinery, steel lockers provide the strength, durability and design flexibility to enable fast assembly on site reducing the number of tools required for simple replacement and re-use.


Compatible with all locking systems, xLocker2 is suited to a range of applications such as workplaces and universities and offers the options of soft-wiring to recharge portable devices. Designers can choose from over 150+ powder-coat finishes, and doors can be perforated with custom designed punch patterns to aid ventilation or fitted with acoustic sound absorbing material to minimise workplace noise.

Bendigo Bank project.

Bendigo Bank project.

Offering a choice of customisable options, Melbourne manufacturer Planex has a long history of supplying steel storage solutions with the strength, durability, and design flexibility to meet scalable requirements as needs change with time. To find out more about their range of Australian designed and made storage visit www.planex.com.au.

Read an interview with Jean Pierre Jardel, second generation owner of Planex.



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