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Danielle Brustman named a judge for IDEA 2023

Danielle Brustman named a judge for IDEA 2023


Cross-disciplinary designer Danielle Brustman has been named as the fourth judge for IDEA 2023, joining Elvin Tan, Jade Nottage, and Megan Norgate.

Brustman will be joined by Melbourne-based interior designer Megan Norgate, Sydney-based interior designer Jade Nottage, and Melbourne-based designer Elvin Tan. We’ll be revealing more judges soon, so stay tuned.

IDEA is now open for entries until 18 June. Enter now!

Danielle Brustman
Danielle Brustman. Photo: Dylan James.

“I’ve been very fortunate to exhibit my work in galleries and design fairs over the past five years,” Brustman tells ADR.

“A particular highlight would be being a finalist in the Rigg Design Prize, which was exhibited at the NGV in 2018. It was a real turning point for me both professionally and personally.

“It gave me the opportunity to present an experimental interior installation to a broad audience that was deeply personal. It enabled me to see that people respond best to authenticity, a valuable and key lesson to learn.”

Coloured In NGV Triennial 2020. Photo: Sean Fennessy.

Brustman’s approach to interior design reflects her cross-disciplinary skill set and expertise with innovation and vision. Passionate about colour and form, she has carved out a signature style in the design landscape for bold, geometric, whimsical, and elegant creations.

People can expect to see Brustman’s touch on some upcoming projects in Canberra and Sydney.

Rigg Design Prize NGV 2018. Photo: Emma Jane Johnston.

“I am working on the interiors of a couple of interesting child care centres and have been involved in the design process since their early inception. Building is yet to be completed on both projects but will be later this year,” she explains.

“I have been able to let loose on some fairly bold design ideas that fully integrate colour and graphics with the material palette and interior architecture. My clients have put a lot of faith in my design vision for these centres for which I am very grateful.

“It is wonderful when you can completely execute a design concept through to construction and this can only happen when the conditions are supportive and right.”

YMCA Ballarat. Photo: Danielle Brustman.

Drawing upon her cross-disciplinary experience, Brustman has seen and designed numerous spaces. When asked what opportunities and challenges are present in the Australian design industry, she highlights two distinct points.

“I see a trend emerging in Australia where interior designers are conscientiously specifying locally sourced materials, furniture, and products.

“A new and exciting vernacular is forming and something radical is definitely brewing. There are some really interesting, elegant, and ethically designed pieces being made over here,” adds Brustman.

With this desire for elevated and considered design excellence in mind, Brustman also believes awards programs like IDEA give “opportunities to both emerging and established design studios to have their work seen and considered by peers and the broader public”.

And what will she be on the lookout for as a judge?

“I will be looking out for projects that steer away from generic conventions and are inherently fresh, inspiring and environmentally conscientious.”

Lead image photographed by Justin McManus.

IDEA 2023 will be judged by a panel of industry experts. We’ll be announcing more judges soon.

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