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Hames Sharley designs zero waste holiday for the long weekend

Hames Sharley designs zero waste holiday for the long weekend


With family catchups and face-to-face socialising off the cards this long weekend, Hames Sharley has devised a guide for having a more meaningful and ethical, zero waste holiday while we’re all stuck inside.

The Australia-wide team of architects, planners and interior designers put together a fun infographic with three environmentally and socially friendly tips that we should all put into practice this long weekend.

Hames Sharley

“The amount of waste accrued over Easter is overwhelming, from food waste to excessive packaging, microplastics and the debacle that is Australia’s recycling system,” says the studio.

“The good news is you can make a big difference by just making a few small changes.”

The guide includes tips on reducing waste and recycling with great suggestions on how to reuse the foil from chocolate eggs and DIY alternatives to shop-bought treats.

There are also suggestions for reconnecting with nature and getting out of the house (and away from the computer and television) over the long weekend.

“The best way to rest and recover over this Easter break is to find ways to include the outdoors in your plans,” says the studio.

“This could be as simple as enjoying your morning coffee on the balcony, camping out in your backyard, using the outdoor barbecue over the stove or going for a walk after a big meal – these are all quick and easy ways to lift your spirits.”

And finally, Hames Sharley shares ways to be a better giver with suggestions on how to shower family and friends with love and appreciation from a distance and without spending a cent.

“At a time where we cannot physically see each other, it is the perfect chance to rethink the way we give gifts” it says.

“Studies show that spending quality time with people (physically or virtually) and helping each other out is how we demonstrate and receive love. Studies also suggest that receiving gifts and chocolates are considered the least important display of love.”

Read the full guide on the Hames Sharley website.

From everyone at the ADR team, we’d like to wish you a very happy holidays and safe and relaxing long weekend break!

And don’t forget to catch up on our Business of Architecture and Design podcast over the break! In our latest episode, we hear from the founder and owner of Malcolm Reading Consultants, Malcolm Reading, who chats to us about the procurement of architecture and the role of competitions.


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