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Phoenix tapware: Let freedom rain

Phoenix tapware: Let freedom rain


From the international award-winning design team at Phoenix comes the next generation of design innovation and sophistication; NX Showers.

With a reputation for impeccable design, Phoenix has completely re-imagined their shower presence, taking their award-winning creative direction and crafting products that not only look incredibly luxurious, but give the user a uniquely invigorating shower experience.

The three collections within the NX Showers range: Cape, Quil and Vive, each include a:

  • Twin Shower
  • Rail Shower
  • Hand Shower
  • Arm & Rose Shower


NX Cape Twin Shower

With a contemporary rectangular design edge, Cape offers a strong and immersive showering experience that will relax your body and your mind. The carefully cultivated design is punctuated by refined details and low-profile nozzles that provide an enveloping cleanse.


 NX Quil Twin Shower

Distilled to its fundamental elements with refined surfacing and thoughtful design, Quil affords any bathroom a sense of simple and stylish elegance. Providing a dense droplet-like experience, the shower becomes something to be savoured.


 NX Vive Twin Shower

The Vive range is intensely modernist in its design approach, offering a collection that will fuse seamlessly with any modern interior, especially those wanting to push the limits beyond trend. The sophisticated nozzle design delivers a streamlined and invigorating showering experience. The NX Showers have been engineered with absolute precision for a distilled design, un-matched on the market. To top this off, the NX Showers are backed by a lifetime warranty, which is a testament to their design and engineering quality.

Just step in and let freedom rain.

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