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New Neolith classtone collection reimagines stone surfaces for a modern age

New Neolith classtone collection reimagines stone surfaces for a modern age


Neolith, the world-renowned pioneer in sintered stone, is presenting a new collection marked by its adaptability and eco-conscious consumption. The collection also introduces eight fresh hues that vividly showcase the boundless creative opportunities when specifying Neolith.

Neolith sintered stone is manufactured from 100 percent natural raw materials such as clays, feldspar and mineral oxides. Some colours are comprised of almost 90 percent recycled materials. 

The product’s impressively small amounts of silica, between zero and nine percent, is achieved through binding the stone with heat as opposed to resin. 

The surfaces are also durable and require only minimal amounts of maintenance and upkeep due to the ability to resist heat, stains, scratches and UV radiation. The natural composition of this product prohibits the stone from releasing toxic fumes into the air and subsequently safeguards a home.

Whitehaven sintered stone.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Neolith’s manufacturing philosophy, illustrated by the company being the first in its industry to reach full carbon-neutral status in 2019. 

Surfaces are constructed using 100 percent renewable energy, while 90 percent of the generated waste is recycled and nearly 100 percent of the water used is recycled. 

The Classtone collection by Neolith comprises 22 colours, including eight new shades, spanning from vivid white to deep black. Intricate veining is incorporated to ensure the enduring beauty and captivating essence of marble are truly appreciated. The collection is suitable to be used across floors, walls, ceilings and joineries in kitchens or bathrooms, either as a façade or a stand-alone piece of furniture.

A range of formats and thicknesses are available, starting with a slender six-millimetre surface perfect for floors and vertical applications, and extending up to a 20-millimetre option, which is more suited to benchtop application. The slabs are generously sized at 3200 by 1500 millimetres, eliminating the need for joints and enhancing the sense of luxury.

Alexandra Cochina sintered stone.

Some colours also come with Neolith’s patented NeolEAT technology – a hygiene-conscious solution that is incorporated into surfaces for the purpose of stalling bacterial growth.

Studio Brie founder and acclaimed interior designer Briellyn Turton has collaborated with Neolith’s classtone collection to bring to life a range of fashion-focussed room schemes.

“The classtone collection is versatile and creates incredible kitchen schemes. The new San Simone and Colorado Dunes colours inspired us to develop a dark and moody powder room,” says Turton. 

Turton underlines the numerous benefits to be gained from Neolith’s product durability and resistance, and carbon-neutral status. 

“Neolith is absolutely life-proof and when clients are making such a large investment in a build or renovation, we can assure them that their kitchen countertop is going to last,” she says. 

Photography supplied by Neolith. 

Featured Image: Neolith San Simone sintered stone.

Read about Neolith’s ongoing aspiration to fuse art and nature together.  

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