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A round of applause for Brightgreen’s new LED Surface Series

A round of applause for Brightgreen’s new LED Surface Series


Premium Australian LED company, Brightgreen, combines incredible light quality with genuine functionality in its new minimalist Surface Series designs.

The ensemble consists of five surface-mounted LEDs that can be used together, to create harmony and continuity throughout interiors, or solo as standalone design accents.


Brightgreen T900 H Curve LED tracklight.

As with all Brightgreen products, the Surface Series is intended to give homeowners more creative control over their lighting plan, with each luminaire offering its own unique benefits. Featuring a fitting to suit every application, the collection includes a petite design, a hanging pendant and surface, flexi and track-mounted models — giving designers a repertoire of lights to be mixed-and-matched for almost endless composition options.


Brightgreen P900 Curve LED pendant


With more interior architects and lighting designers choosing surface-mounted lights for both efficiency and visual impact, the Surface Series offers the additional benefit of exceptional light quality. Each luminaire features Tru-Colour technology, providing exceptional illumination to better represent interior colours, skin tones and design details.


Brightgreen D900 SHX Curve LED downlight


The timeless aesthetic, pared-back contours and flexibility of the Surface Series speaks to Brightgreen’s commitment to enduring design. Each model in the collection is designed to last for up to 70,000 hours, or 30 years on average daily use.

Surface Series lights are available in low-sheen white and matte black finishes.

Learn more about Brightgreen’s smart, stylish and sustainable designs: brightgreen.com/surface


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