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10 designer products to inspire productivity in your WFH space

10 designer products to inspire productivity in your WFH space


Working from home is the new normal for many Australians. To make your experience more productive, more serene and less fatiguing, Australian Design Review (ADR) has assembled a selection of the best designer products and pieces you need in your workspace.

By embracing this new work model, valued employees can reap the benefits of greater flexibility, no more commuting, and increased independence.

For those who’ve transformed part of their homes into their office away from the office and are looking for inspiration to get into a dynamic state of mind, we’ve rounded up a collection of the ‘must-have’ products to get you through each stage of the day.

Home office essentials

Kissen Conference Fixed Table

You can’t have an office without a desk. This essential piece of furniture acts as the centrepiece of your WFH space. The Kissen conference table by Zenith is one of the most versatile, locally designed and made desk options available.

No matter the size of your WFH space, the Kissen can be customised to meet your needs, and your personal style. A fan of soft round edges? The Kissen is for you. Need more surface area for mission control and all your desk accessories? It can be rectangular or square. Fancy a pop of fun colour? Take your pick from 12 on-trend leg colours, which can be either fixed or sit-to-stand.


Sax Executive Chair from Krost

For many designers and architects, the chair is considered the pinnacle of design. More than a functional piece of furniture, they’re covetable design objects. When thinking about some of the most iconic product designs across the decades, chairs are resolutely in the top ten. The Sax Executive Chair from Krost takes recognisable cues from mid-century icons or modernist designers like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Florence Knoll.

With its sleek, refined lines, high-quality slim fitted leather upholstery and chrome finish, the Sax will support you throughout your workday and make you feel like you know exactly what you’re doing. A good-looking functional chair that means business.

SAX Executive Chair from Krost

Gallery Collection by Bobbie Gray

The Gallery series by New Zealand artist Bobby Gray is inspired by the patterns borer beetles make in timber floorboards and fuses painting with sculpture. Each brightly hued piece in a vintage-inspired colour pallet will add visual creative inspiration to your space.

Available exclusively through the online art platform Artfull, Bobbie Gray’s artworks, or any of the other original pieces by emerging and established artists will help you feel even more at home in your at-home workspace.

Gallery 68 by Bobbie Gray. Available through Artfull

Morning – start your WFH day right

Miele Silence Benchtop Coffee Machine

For avid coffee lovers, your day can’t truly start until you’ve downed your daily cup of black gold. To satisfy your cravings, Miele’s CM 5310 Silence Benchtop Coffee Machine is exactly what you need to start the day right.

Boasting innovative grinding and cleaning technology, this unit is perfect for the caffeine connoisseur or two. Enjoy a coffee in company or while on a call knowing that Miele’s whisper quiet machine will keep the conversation flowing just as smoothly as the brew.

Miele CM 5310 Silence Benchtop Coffee Machine

Work Louder Creator Micro

According to Rise Science,  your daily productivity reaches its maximum output during the mid-morning. It’s important to capitalise on this natural boost by tackling your key objectives of the day early. The Creator Micro by Work Louder was designed to minimise those repetitive keyboard command and click tasks by mapping your multi-step keyboard shortcuts to a single key on the unit.

With 16 fully customisable buttons and dials, plus backlighting which gives the Creator Micro an ambient under glow, this keyboard addition will help to unlock undiscovered levels of efficiency.

Lunch – Pause

Two Tone Glasses by RJ Living

As we pause for a break around the middle of the day, it’s important to use the opportunity to rehydrate and boost your energy levels. What better incentive to keep your H20 intake up than taking a sip from RJ Living’s Set of Two Tone Glasses?

As sunlight passes through this beautiful translucent-coloured glassware collection at different stages of the day, your desk will be cast with vibrant and unique hues. Hydration and aesthetics in one.

RJ Living Two Tone Glasses

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound A9

The Beosound A9 is the sound system of a designer’s dreams. A sculptural design icon within itself, this unit delivers cinematic sound like no other speaker on the market. Available in a multitude of colours, finishes and frames, the A9 adapts to any environment.

Its iconic circular form is a talking point specifically designed to be on-show. Whether positioned as a statement piece in the corner of a space or even hung up directly on a wall, this system delivers both an engineering and design marvel.

Beosound A9 by Bang & Olufsen

Aesop’s Olous Aromatique Room Spray

Keep your senses attentive by spraying a mist of Aesop’s perfectly blended and balanced scents around your workspace.

From the deep earthy tones of cedar to the light notes of citrus botanicals, the Olous Aromatique Room Spray is sure to stimulate the senses of any work-from-homer, keeping you stimulated and refreshed.

Aesop Olous Aromatique Room Spray

Afternoon – The workday wind-down

Parade Table Lamp by Cult Design

As the sun begins her descent, good lighting becomes even more important. The Parade Table Lamp, available from Cult.  exemplifies elegant form blended with function.

Crafted by Danish husband-and-wife designers Viola Heyn-Johnsen and Jonas Trampedach, the Parade collection acts as an illuminating ambient sculpture that fits perfectly atop any desk or cabinet.

Shielded in geometric coloured glass, this dimmable light source will adapt to the natural light of the day, elevating the aesthetics of your home office environment.

Parade Table Lamp 240 through Cult Design

HAY Table Clock by Cult Design

As we move to the closing hours of the day, prepare to clock off and detox. The HAY Table Clock offered through Cult Design will ensure that you’re achieving your ideal work-life balance.

While watching the clock is usually frowned upon, the intricate almost inaudible internal mechanism and uncluttered face design of this timepiece are worth watching. Additionally, this multi-functional piece can be positioned on either a wall or atop a surface with its detachable stand.

As with all HAY’s products, the table clock incorporates seamlessly with other hero elements of your WFH space.

HAY Table Clock Green, available through Cult Design

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