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Silica-free and stylish alternatives to engineered stone

Silica-free and stylish alternatives to engineered stone


In the wake of Australia’s ban on engineered stone, architects and interior designers need to get creative about safe alternatives. ForestOne’s diverse range of silica-free benchtop solutions allow for responsible specification that still meets client expectations.

Late last year, the Federal Government announced that a national ban on the use, supply and manufacture of all engineered stone — which is linked to silicosis among fabricators — will come into effect from 1 July 2024.

This legislative change presents a significant disruption to the work of interior designers and architects in residential and commercial contexts, where clients have become accustomed to using engineered stone as a cheaper alternative to natural stone.

Since the announcement was made, companies like ForestOne have already witnessed a strong demand for their acrylic solid surface and laminate benchtop materials, which offer safe, flexible, and design-led alternatives. 

Silica-free solutions

ForestOne provides four 100 percent silica-free benchtop solutions from its MEGANITE and EGGER ranges, which can be used across both residential and commercial applications.

The first is MEGANITE’s Acrylic Solid Surface, available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

MEGANITE’s Acrylic Solid Surface
Organic thermoformed kitchen island, created using MEGANITE

Replicating the appearance of stone, marble or concrete, MEGANITE removes the risks associated with engineered stone whilst delivering elevated aesthetics with superior functionality. 

This non-porous, food-safe range is impervious to bacteria, mould and moisture. It’s also durable, easy to clean and stain resistant, making it the perfect choice for benchtops, kitchens, sinks or basins, bathtubs, splashbacks, wall claddings and showers, as well as in healthcare settings.

MEGANITE elevating a stylish bathroom
EGGER Worktops

EGGER follows a net-zero philosophy, minimising their carbon footprint, and adhering to a circular economy model.

In addition to being 100 percent silica-free, food-safe and anti-bacterial, impressively, 88 percent of EGGER Worktop materials are made from renewable sources. Containing 76 percent recycled content (24 percent post-consumer and 52 percent post-industrial), the EGGER Worktop range presents a sustainable choice that doesn’t sacrifice style.

A modern look created using ForestOne’s EGGER worktop

Embodying refinement that’s synonymous with the brand, EGGER worktops are available in thirteen stunning décors including stone, concrete, granite, marble and wood reproductions. To further enhance the functionality and cost-effectiveness of the range, all EGGER benchtops come edged and ready for installation.

This cost-effective solution ensures an enduring and appealing look, which is also durable and easy to install.

EGGER Compact Laminate

Used for years in commercial high-impact settings, compact laminate has recently found its way to contemporary benchtop applications.

With a 13mm profile, EGGER compact laminate is innovative and robust, delivering a dynamic and minimal aesthetic across residential and commercial settings.

Another example of how the EGGER worktop integrates into contemporary kitchen design

The perfect alternative to stone, marble and granite, EGGER compact laminates combine durability with elevated aesthetics. The fact that they’re also exceptionally hard-wearing makes them ideal for use in applications which demand high levels of cleanliness and the capacity to withstand high-stress exposure. 

From a sustainability perspective, sixty percent of Compact Laminate materials are made from renewable resources, meaning that there’s little trade-off between robust aesthetics and environmental considerations.

EGGER Laminate

Last but not least, EGGER Laminates are among the world’s best. Balancing form and function, they can be used widely across horizontal, vertical and also curved applications.

A robust take on classic materials and European design trends, the diverse range of over 76 décors stocked by ForestOne — including solids and woodgrains — are perfect for medium to high usage areas, complimenting commercial, residential and hospitality environments.

A ForestOne benchtop hard at work in a library setting

Applications can include benchtops, heavy-duty doors, office worktops and desks, wall panels and interior cladding, curved surfaces and even furniture.

ForestOne’s extensive range of benchtop solutions offer substantial versatility for various commercial and residential settings and needs. Most importantly, architects and designers can design interior spaces with well-being in mind, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Browse the full range from ForestOne here.


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