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‘Two enormous design legacies under one umbrella’ – Mike Radda on MillerKnoll

‘Two enormous design legacies under one umbrella’ – Mike Radda on MillerKnoll


Two years ago, global furniture company Herman Miller enhanced its collective suite of brands through the acquisition of Knoll. Moving forward with MillerKnoll as the parent company, Herman Miller and Knoll remain active as industry pioneers and innovators in the design space.

Today, MillerKnoll Asia VP Mike Radda shares the ins and outs of the acquisition, MillerKnoll’s future endeavours, and the importance of supporting the architecture and design community through recognition programs like the Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).  

After completing the Knoll acquisition on 19 July 2021, the combined company moved forward as MillerKnoll.

Joining Herman Miller five years ago as its Australian lead, Radda is an old hand in the world of design. Passionate about interconnectedness, Radda credits Herman Miller with providing the unique opportunity to celebrate both local and international design excellence on a global stage – especially in the Asia Pacific region

To set the scene for these two dynamic companies coming together as MillerKnoll, Radda compares the move to placing the large collection of brands under “one umbrella”.

“When looking ahead at this acquisition it’s a good idea to look at Herman Miller’s century-long history,” explains Radda.

“Both Herman Miller and Knoll have an enormous legacy – they’ve been influential and engaged with key designers. They have been key players in modern design for as long as we know. Millerknoll will define and lead this transformation of designing for the world we live in – like the brands have for other transformations in our history.” 

MillerKnoll pushes the transformation of the home and office through a united portfolio of complementary brands.

Radda also highlights that while the company will change its international reach, the presence of the Herman Miller and Knoll brands “very much still exist within the collective of brands”. 

“Bringing each company together enhances their role within the design landscape. Both companies have very strong connections with designers. Most of our key products are designed by signature designers. Those relationships will continue on a broader scale for all the brands within the collective.”

While the acquisition has many benefits, Radda cites the increased capacity to fill an entire design palette as a real-term game-changer in both the retail and contract spheres.

Each brand offers a distinct perspective on design and a rich palette to suit diverse needs. Alongside Herman Miller and Knoll, design lovers will see Colebrook Bosson Saunders, DatesWeiser, Design Within Reach, Edelman, Fully, FilzFelt, Geiger, and Hay. The collection also includes Holly Hunt, KnollTextiles, Maars Living Walls, Maharam, Muuto, Naughtone, and Spinneybeck.

MillerKnoll now benefits from the increased reach and the ability to better service customers across the contract furnishings sector, residential trade segment and retail audience.

“As a collective of brands, we now offer a suite of products for our clients. So we can say to them: “What do you need? We can provide that.” It’s great to be able to fill those gaps.

“In the contract space, we are looking at major finance, and having a broader offer is really appealing to larger clients in particular. For example, if we are working with a global client, they want to be able to pick from a broader offer. The same principle applies in a retail setting with a different customer base. Retail is about choice and a range to offer.”

With an eye to keeping expanding the Asia-Pacific dealer network, Radda says the plan is to work in a “staged fashion”. Beginning in the US where Knoll and Herman Miller’s footprint was larger, MillerKnoll will be rolled out on a gradual basis over the next 12 to 18 months in the Asia Pacific region. 

Herman Miller and Knoll have complementary approaches to designing products and places that can be attributed to shared DNA, going back to the origin of both companies.

“You can expect dealers in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific to become MillerKnoll dealers, which will expand their offering. 

“Millerknoll will drive growth and profitability with a scale international footprint, maintaining strong brand ownership that is designed to preserve and nurture the essence of the brands within the combined company’s portfolio, which includes the Herman Miller and Knoll brands.”

As a thought leader in workplace design, MillerKnoll will continue its influence in the sector through extensive research and close collaboration with the A&D community. By bringing together the two brands, a larger critical mass of researchers are available. 

“It’s part of our DNA. Almost everything we do starts with research. Continuing that leadership together gives us more opportunities to pursue that journey,” adds Radda. 

“These two brands have also been travelling alongside one another and intersecting for over 100 years. Millerknoll will leverage the workplace insights these brands share into the company’s collective of brands through the MillerKnoll Global Research and Insights team led by Ryan Anderson.”

Herman Miller and Knoll have strong connections with the design community across the region.

As workplace specialists, this combined team will share their extensive research with clients and designers globally to influence change for the better.

Staying local in Australia, MillerKnoll continues to support the future of the A&D community through award programs like IDEA. Radda says it is an expression of the company’s “participation and commitment” to the design industry by celebrating “clever and brilliant designs”. They hope these awards encourage people to “develop their ideas further”. 

“Recognition is fundamental to our ethos, so getting involved in the workplace sector is part of our core – that’s where our major focus is. We also tend to work on larger projects as well. It’s great to be able to support designers in those spheres. It’s a perfect blend of supporting A&D that is specific to workplaces,” he says. 

“We are proud to sponsor the Workplace Over 1000sqm category for IDEA and show our support to designers who are leading the future of workplace design.”

For more information visit MillerKnoll.

Lead photo of Mike Radda.

Also, Herman Miller has got you covered with its newest table offering, Passport Work Table – designed to create an instant workspace for any place.


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