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A Taste of Herman Miller — bringing together the leaders of workplace architecture and design at an exclusive immersive dining experience 

A Taste of Herman Miller — bringing together the leaders of workplace architecture and design at an exclusive immersive dining experience 


Herman Miller has a long history of forging relationships with the most visionary designers of the day. Building on this reputation, Herman Miller hosted A Taste of Herman Miller, the first iteration of its one-of-a-kind, exclusive invitation-only immersive dining experiences on 15 February. 

On a beautiful summer day in Melbourne, a carefully selected group of architecture and design industry leaders were welcomed into North Melbourne’s Space & Time for a dining experience. As one of Melbourne’s premium spaces, the venue served as the perfect location to take guests on a journey through the evolution of the modern office and Herman Miller’s role as pioneers in workplace design.

As the VIP guests entered the space, they found themselves immersed in a room within a room where the story of Herman Miller’s rich history was brought to life. Stunning digital images wrapped around all four walls and extended right up to the ceiling, seamlessly meeting the striking net lining of the space. More than a series of images, the finely composed narrative that played out across the high-resolution screens led guests on a visual journey. 

Beginning in the 1940s, when the office was a clinical space filled with heavy furniture, clunky typewriters and rows of desks. They investigated world firsts: from the first rockets, computers and Mustangs, to furniture such as Action Office, the Aeron Chair and the Eames Moulded Fiberglass Chair. It was like being transported into a scene from Mad Men, one of the 21st century’s most iconic television series centred around the rapidly shifting world of advertising and design. 

From milestone moments that shaped not only the world, but also how we work, each of these technological advances and iconic Herman Miller pieces, were designs that completely transformed how the office looks, feels and operates.

A Taste of Herman Miller was far more than an expertly curated menu prepared by Andrew McConnell’s Trader House Team at Handmade. It was a visual spectacle and an opportunity for guests, each of whom, as MillerKnoll regional sales manager Josh Coughlan says, is “as passionate about pioneering workplace design as we are at Herman Miller and the broader MillerKnoll collective”, to engage in thoughtful and robust conversation about the future of workplace design. 

The dominant trend to emerge from the round table discussions at the inaugural event was that across many workplaces, architects and designers are seeing an increase in workers returning to the office five days a week. While no one can predict the future, what is clear is the demand and need for office spaces to continue evolving and responding to human-centric needs will never cease. 

Herman Miller has been guided by a commitment to problem-solving designs that

inspire the best in people, and pioneering original, timeless design with enduring impact for the past century. These exclusive experiential dining events presented an unprecedented opportunity for industry thought leaders to come together and dive deep into how work and world events have shaped each other in the past, and how they might continue to do so in the future. 

A Taste of Herman Miller will take place next in Sydney, followed by other key cities in Australia over the course of the year.

Photography supplied by Herman Miller.

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