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Introducing three new additions to Herman Miller’s OE1 Workspace collection

Introducing three new additions to Herman Miller’s OE1 Workspace collection


The way of working has irrevocably changed. It’s no longer one-size-fits-all. The next generation of modern workplaces — from small boutique offices through to large-scale, multi-level corporations — require flexibility, configurability, innovative design and product solutions that address the needs of diverse teams and ways of working. 

Herman Miller, leading manufacturers of products which are as beautiful as they are useful, has extended their award-winning OE1 workplace collection. Adding three innovative new additions — the OE1 Personal Hoodie, the OE1 Work Box, and the OE1 Agile Wall Corner Cover. With more additions to the collection arriving later in the year, Herman Miller continues to solve workplace design challenges with functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics at their core.

Configurability and flexibility — essential elements of the modern workplace

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of London-based Industrial Facility designed the OE1 collection with people and agile work environments in mind. Current pieces include easily movable and configurable tables, walls, and trollies – enabling endless experimentation with space.

“Sam and Kim’s passion for industrial design empowers organizations and individuals to find their own perfect blend of purpose, performance, and expression. The enhancements we’re making to OE1 will provide our customers with even more flexibility to adapt their floorplates as their needs change.” says Malisa Bryant, Senior Vice President of Global Product.

Now, with the introduction of the OE1 Personal Hoodie, the OE1 Work Box, and the OE1 Agile Wall Cover Cover, each member of your team is given the opportunity to enhance their focus time, desktop organisation, and focused group collaboration.

The perfect workspace partner

The OE1 Personal Hoodie is your open-plan, agile workplace partner. The soft, portable tabletop boundary, made from 60 percent recycled plastic bottles, creates a personal boundary around your workspace.

No matter where you’re working — in a bustling office under the glare of fluorescent lights, or on a sun soaked balcony — the fully portable OE1 Personal Hoodie shields you and your screen from distractions and reflections.

And, perhaps the most beautiful element of all is when your OE1 Personal Hoodie is up, you’re signalling to others that the task you’re working on requires deep thought and intense focus — a ‘do not disturb sign’ for the modern doorless office. 

Your essentials at your side, where ever you go

Over the course of an average work day, most of us walk at least 600 steps an hour. Moving from one meeting to the next, venturing off-site, or heading up to the boardroom, there’s a need to take more than your ideas with you. 

Herman Miller’s new compact personal storage product, the OE1 Workbox, has been meticulously designed with transience in mind. It’s perfectly considered compartments that easily house all your essentials, including your keyboard, mouse, charger, cables, pens and snacks, making the OE1 Workbox an indispensable workplace accessory. 

Not only will it help keep you organised, but its insert tray also functions as a cover, keeping your personal belongings personal. These features, combined with seamless integration into a range of other Herman Miller storage solutions, plus being made from 99 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, make the OE1 Workbox a truly functional, sustainable modern Workplace companion.

Walls as agile as you

Open plan agile work spaces are fantastic for sharing ideas spontaneously. But, it’s also essential that when your team needs to come together to brainstorm, they have a flexible space to do it. The OE1 Agile Wall Corner Cover extends the functionality of the OE1 Agile Wall.

The OE1 Agile Wall is a sub-architectural movable boundary which glides smoothly and easily from one corner of the office to another. With the introduction of the Corner Cover, you can now create even greater privacy by positioning the product strategically between two screens. This combination of Wall and Corner Covers means that with a gentle push, you can create a private meeting and ideation space wherever a lightbulb moment strikes. 

Further enhancing this dynamic versatility is the fact that options such as shelves, writable and tackable surfaces, and technology, can be added to the wall units. With these options, you can customise the collaborative workspaces you need, and create them exactly when and where you need them.

Explore the full range of OE1 Workplace Solutions and discover how you can shape your agile workspace, your way.


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