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Sub-Zero new integrated models

Sub-Zero new integrated models


Sub-Zero integrated units now range in width from a slender 457mm to a spacious 914mm with the introduction of a new slimline freezer column and generous refrigerator column. In addition, all full-size integrated refrigeration units stand at a uniform height for a standardised and consistent look.

Today’s line of integrated refrigerators reflects the innovative thinking that has made Sub-Zero a design icon. Integrated models virtually disappear into any kitchen cabinetry, with neither hinge nor grille visible. A patented three-axis door panel alignment system ensures a flawless fit with adjacent cabinetry and exclusive design allows toe kick height to range from just 51 mm up to 152 mm.


Constructed using premium-grade material, all products are tested to exceed Sub-Zero’s standards for reliability and performance. Developed with and for the design community, Sub-Zero products offer limitless design possibilities backed by over 70 years of appliance expertise.


Fit with custom panels to virtually disappear into surrounding kitchen cabinetry or with optional stainless steel panels and handles to make a design statement. Combined with outstanding food preservation technology, Sub-Zero’s integrated refrigeration line keeps food fresher longer while blending seamlessly into any kitchen design.



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