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The latest premium bonded aluminium panel from HVG Façades

The latest premium bonded aluminium panel from HVG Façades


The Melbourne-based wall cladding supplier is pleased to release the latest in premium-quality engineered aluminium facade. 

Nucleo® is manufactured from two external layers of marine-grade aluminium sheeting with a profiled aluminium core, producing a lightweight and ultra-flat panel that is appropriate for a wide range of construction types. 

HVG Facades general manager Stephen Dorrofield says Nucleo® is an exciting addition to the company’s beloved and extensive range.

“We’re excited about offering another premium, non-combustible exterior panel to the market,” says Dorrofield.

The absence of polymer in the product’s core ensures Nucleo® is considered non-combustible in the National Construction Code, scoring zero for ignitability and the spread of fire when measured under AS1530.1 and AS1530.3. This highly proficient fire safe status helps to reduce and streamline the building approval process.

Nucleo® panels consist of an internal, profiled aluminium board which is bonded on either side to two skins of marine-grade aluminium sheeting. Coupled with the core technology, the fabricated exterior creates a rigid and flat panel that contributes to a high-end finish. 

The product’s slim and lightweight composition enables efficient handling and installation, alongside keeping construction costs low.

CNC Routers or wall saws can be used to accurately develop the dimensions needed for each individual flat sheet of Nucleo® so that even complex constructions can come into fruition with ease and speed. 

Nucleo® is stocked Australia wide and available in a range of standard colours.

The outer layers of each Nucleo® panel are coil-coated in a high-end PVDF architectural paint finish, ensuring fantastic UV stability and colour retention. Corrosion resistance makes the panels an ideal choice for a diverse range of locations and conditions – however harsh or mild they may be.

Nucleo® panels use less aluminium per square meter compared to the fabrication of solid aluminium sheets. By using less energy Nucleo® can be categorised as an environmentally friendly product, and all of its aluminium components are 100 percent recyclable.

HVG Facades’ prioritising of sustainability in business operations is evident in the durability, low maintenance and long life performance of all of its products – minimising the general ecological footprint of every construction type they are included in.

The company is always eager to amplify the efforts of long-term sustainability initiatives in the industry.

Nucleo® is available across Australia at HVG Facades’ network of warehouses, and any technical and product-adjacent enquiries can be answered by on-call expert industry professionals.

Photography by HVG Facades.
Read about HVG Facades’ EnviroSmart program which saw them recycle 74,000 kilograms of combustible cladding waste.


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