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Herman Miller and Gabriel Tan collaborate to launch the Luva Modular Sofa and Cyclade Tables

Herman Miller and Gabriel Tan collaborate to launch the Luva Modular Sofa and Cyclade Tables


The inaugural partnership between beloved global furniture company Herman Miller and Portugal-based Singaporean designer Gabriel Tan sees the unveiling of two exemplar products in organic and modular design. 

Origin Made founder Gabriel Tan is constantly motivated to develop new cross-disciplinary methods that assist in reimagining traditional craft and technology. This goal of Tan’s, alongside his honouring of a range of cultural intersections, is reflected in the comfortable and functional design of the Luva Sofa and Cyclade Tables.

Herman Miller president Ben Watson says the company is honoured to partner with Tan as his design reflects a commitment to supporting the evolving needs of the modern consumer, no matter where they are from. 

“Tan is a designer who is dedicated to preserving and elevating craftsmanship while creating dynamic furnishings,” says Watson. 

The Singaporean designer is excited by design possessing multi-layered meaning and representing different things to different consumers.

“Depending on where you’re from, you can interpret and relate to these designs in a totally different way from somebody else across the world,” says Tan.

The Luva Modular Sofa’s versatility and visual appeal demonstrates Tan’s tight grasp on the beneficial properties of duality in design. Luva, translating as ‘glove’ in Portuguese, was designed at Tan’s studio in Porto. 

Tan sought for the shape of Luva to echo the soft grip and padded support of boxing gloves, alongside the gentle rolled tops of Japanese futons or Shikibuton – achieving a visually soft form boasting natural textiles and organic lines. 

Luva, available as an armchair, chaise, sofa or sectional, expands into an open back and enables a relaxed lounge posture. Additionally, the feature of a closed “fist” provides a supported and ergonomic seat for chatting or working. 

A detachable ottoman is also available in the Luva range, and a hidden bar located near the bottom of the seat allows for the pieces to be both grouped together or separated without compromising the tactile and plush aesthetic.

Tan’s Cyclade Tables – which borrow direction from one of Tan’s inspirations Isamu Noguchi  – are an arrangement of three tables. The ability of a Cyclade table to shine on its own and just as easily when nesting with other tables of varying heights is a salute to the form of Pangea, which saw islands both merging together and seamlessly separating. 

Each table is unique, yet is connected by smooth, curved edges and generous and strategic negative space.

Cyclade is also available as a low table with an optional glass bowl for entertainment or display purposes, in addition to adding a touch of greenery. Whatever configuration of Cyclade is chosen, the consumer is promised sculptural beauty that serves as the heart of a living space.

Photography by Herman Miller

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