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Foscarini Spokes suspension lamp

Foscarini Spokes suspension lamp


Released at the 2014 Salone del Mobile, the Foscarini Spokes suspension lamps were inspired by images of antique oriental lanterns and aviaries. Designers Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Cinzia Cumini gave the lamp its name after also being inspired by the spokes of a bicycle wheel. The result is a lightweight lamp which holds the light, allowing it to filter out into the room, creating soft shapes.


The lightweight quality of the lamp, made of metal rod, combines with the solidity of its form and the practicality of its LED light source, allowing it both to illuminate surfaces and project an interplay of light and shade onto the walls with a multiplication effect.

The form of the lamp is created by bending the metal rod in the manufacturing process. A small recess concealing the light source is also included, an innovative way to make the electric cable invisible.


The Spokes lamp has been developed into two forms, sizes and colours, highlighting its versatility and making it suitable for both living spaces and public venues.



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