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Philippe Stark designs Broom barstool for Emeco

Philippe Stark designs Broom barstool for Emeco


Iconic French designer Phillipe Starck has designed a playful new barstool for US furniture house Emeco. An evolution of Starck’s previous 2012 collaboration with Emeco, the popular Broom chair, the Broom barstool boasts similar green credentials.

Each stool comprises 90% industrial waste, bringing an environmental consciousness to its design. Emeco has long been a champion of upcycling waste materials in their products. Past projects involved creating the 111 Navy chair in conjunction with Coca Cola, so named as each chair contains 111 recycled PET bottles. The Broom range led Emeco developing a new material in 2012, a durable material made of 75% waste polypropylene and 15% waste wood fibre.

broom emeco 2

All chairs in Emeco’s sturdy Broom collection are one-piece monoblock designs, making for a resilient commercial furniture option. The Broom collection includes barstools at two heights, the Counter stool and Bar stool. Each Broom stool is available in a range of vibrant colourways, including green, orange, white, yellow, dark grey and natural.

Emeco has maintained a sustainable approach to design since their first commission from the US government in 1944, to design all-weather aluminium chair suitable for use at sea. Emeco prides itself on the enduring quality of their furniture, with pieces transitioning from generation to generation, in a model of sustainability that negates the need for excessive production.

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Today, Emeco works with leading international designers and influential corporations including Philippe Starck, Norman Foster, BMW, Frank Gehry, Coca-Cola, Jean Nouvel, Konstantin Grcic and Nendo, maintaining a position at the forefront of sustainable furniture design.

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