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Feb 28, 2014
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Architectural Review Asia Pacific is delighted to announce a new initiative allowing young professionals to become contributing online editorial assistants for Australian Design Review. It is a unique opportunity for all involved and we’re excited at the prospect of reading what they have to say.

Coming from various locations, backgrounds and positions in the discipline, their articles will test theories, review projects, view exhibitions/events, provide researched content, and much, much more. Some have research interests in certain areas, expertise in others, or are simply driven by curiosity and intrigue.

We hope that channeling each of these aspects will provide ADR with some fascinating content. The first article will be posted online through our Opinion page on March 3, 2014.

So here is the new team (in no particular order):

Michael Parsons is based on the Gold Coast and is a recent graduate from Bond University; with key interests in digital fabrication and computational design and ‘their potential to empower and enable the Architect in the design process’.

Jack Davies is a graduate architect from the Victoria University of Wellington and is a practising architect at Hayball Architects.

Sarah Hurst is focused on ‘interactions and sociability and the built fabric’ and is a graduate from the University of Tasmania as well as a practising architect at Fender Katsalidis Architects, Melbourne.

Sara Best is an architect at Smart Design Studio, Sydney and has spent the last two years soaking up the Scandinavian aesthetic. Sara’s key interests are urban design and sociology.

Charles Rowe is a graduate architect, based in Brisbane, and is currently a Research Assistant at University of Queensland. His key areas are architectural history and monumentality.

Wesley Perrot is a graduate from the Architectural Association (UK), a pracitising architect in Sydney and a registered architect in the Netherlands.

Joanne Taylor is co-director of the Boiler House Studios, Sydney and a graduate from the University of Technology Sydney, working between Sydney, Melbourne and Aceh. Her primary focus is on the contemporary practice and social design strategies.

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01 Mar 14 at 7:20 AM • Chris

So basically you are getting junior people to work for free. Where is the value for the reader – how much can a reader learn from junior industry professionals just getting into the workforce.

Who’s terrible idea is this?

28 Apr 14 at 5:02 PM • Online Editor

Hi Chris,

It wouldn’t be appropriate to disclose the figure of payment, but I can assure you that the positions are paid – albeit minimal in relation to our magazine contribution fees. We see these positions as opportunities for young practitioners and writers to unpack and trial a few ideas they’d like to explore. Whether that is sustainability, historiography, parametric design, social matters, etc. Each contributor in this team has specialist research interests.

I’m somewhat intrigued by your comment ‘how much can a reader learn from junior industry professionals just getting into the workforce’. Surely the younger generation have the vitality, integrity and intellectual ability to question the current state of architecture and/or propose alternative strategies or methodologies? Would, say, an established (older) practitioner with a limited understanding of parametric design be able to contribute an article on the subject of software design tools and their ability to impact upon the profession? I would think your point has a certain matter of conjecture. Further, would you have easily dismissed the ideas presented in written or drawn form from (the once young) Rem Koolhaas (Delirious NY), Zaha Hadid (HK competition entry) or the New York Five? Or a young Bucky Fuller in his rejections of his Bauhaus architectural fathers?

I would think that a young voice can add tremendously to the discipline just as much as established designers or critics. I’d be interested to get your thoughts though.I’m happy to talk over email on:


01 Mar 14 at 9:57 PM • Michelle Gable


Would someone from your new “young professional” contributors based in Sydney like to review our event/launch night 27/3/14 @ The Crane Bar Potts Point Sydney from 6.30pm? We would welcome their attendance and happy for them to review our circus themed event. We are launching our new range ‘Danxia’ range aimed at the commercial market via local designers & architects.

Michelle Gable

29 Apr 14 at 2:08 PM • Jack

Julian Casablancas wrote Is this it? when he was 21, Bjarke Ingels started his own studio at 25, Callum Fraser built Liberty Tower at 27, the list goes on.


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