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Nendo’s innovative ‘water dream’ project for Axor

Nendo’s innovative ‘water dream’ project for Axor


Nendo has designed a new ‘water dream’ project that combines the features of a lamp and a shower for the world’s top shower fixture producer Hansgrohe’s luxury brand, Axor.

The design was based on Axor’s idea to create a product that combines the features of a lamp and a shower. The resulting product has both functional and affective value. It serves as a transparent lamp when the shower is not in use, allowing it to disappear into its surroundings. When used as a shower, light spills out from within the water jets, turning the entire shower into a luminous object.

There are four versions of the ‘lampshower’: regular, pendant, wall-mount and floor lamp. The floor lamp is not confined to the bathroom or shower booth, but can be moved around in the house, bringing showering to new spaces of the home, or taken outside onto a terrace or balcony.

The project will be exhibited at the Maison & Objet Asia in Singapore from 10th -13th March.



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