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Alexander Lotersztain wins Good Design Award for Waterscape

Alexander Lotersztain wins Good Design Award for Waterscape


Images courtesy of www.water-scape.com.

The 2015 Good Design Awards has named designer Alexander Lotersztain a winner in the Sport and Lifestyle category for Waterscape by Superior.

Waterscape is a floating platform made from recyclable materials, awarded for its ingenuity and creativity. Providing an excellent solution for yacht clubs, marinas and luxury home and hotel establishments, Waterscape was designed to complement the outdoors Australian lifestyle, liberating exterior entertainment areas beyond the backyard.

Described as the extension of a waterfront home, Waterscape is a versatile, elegant and functional addition to a waterfront property and can be assembled in any size per square metre.


“This is our first foray into the design realm, which is Alex’s field, so it is extremely satisfying to win” says John Hogan, CEO of Superior Group.

Alexander Lotersztain is an Argentinian-born Australian designer and founder of design studio Derlot. The award-winning studio comprises experts in product, furniture and interior design, with an abundance of local and international clients including Asahi, Mizuno and Nestle Multinational Switzerland.

Lotersztain’s work has appeared in design journals worldwide and can be found in the collection of the Pompidou Museum in Paris. He has won awards in both product and interior design and has been named one of the 100 most influential designers worldwide in ‘&fork’. Alexander is also a respected design advisor to a number of private and government projects, regularly presenting at conferences such as TEDx and often participating on design judging panels in Australia and abroad.

The Good Design Award recognises design excellence, with entries demonstrating thought and innovation in quality, functionality, sustainability and design. This annual event honours design across categories including automotive, digital and product design. Managed by Good Design Australia, it promotes the best in international innovative design and creativity.

Head to www.good-design.com to view the year’s winners.

Read Alexander Lotersztain’s wrap of Milan 2015 here.

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