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Getting to know Bianca Fraser of The Unlisted Collective

Getting to know Bianca Fraser of The Unlisted Collective


It’s a cliché, but there’s something chic about The Unlisted Collective director Bianca Fraser.

The Sydney-based interior designer is a bit of a hidden gem. She hasn’t been in the solo practice game for long, starting out in 2016, after cutting her teeth on some of Burley Katon Halliday’s most envy-inducing projects, including the gorgeous Surfection store, a three-storey retail space in a Heritage building on Manly Corso.

From ballet to art to trawling antique shops with her mum, Fraser has a calm and confident sophistication that is infused in all her projects. She just gets design. Poised and polished are her default settings. Creating beautiful, timeless spaces, her go-to move.

In chatting to her, you can’t help but want to inhabit her designs. She has an empathetic interpretation of the brief and uncanny ability to edit ideas and inspirations into interiors that are functional, streamlined and elegant without seeming overworked or overwrought. To quote Beyonce, they “woke up like this”.

Needless to say, I wanted a glimpse behind magic, so I reached out to Fraser hoping a little of that elegance would rub off on me (lockdown has been brutal), but more curious to simply meet the woman behind the buzz.

The Unlisted Collective North Bondi Apartment.

ADR: Hi Bianca! Tell us about yourself – how did you develop your love for design and establish your studio?

Bianca Fraser: I’ve always had a strong love for the arts. At a young age, I would go antique sourcing with my mother. Subconsciously, this led me to study interior design, graduating from UTS with a bachelor’s degree with first class honours.

I joined Burley Katon Halliday after university and worked there from more than a decade. The work I did really inspired me to pursue my passion/expertise in design, leading me to establish my own studio, The Unlisted Collective.

The Unlisted Collective North Bondi Apartment.

How do you describe your design sensibility and your aesthetic?

BF: The Unlisted Collective’s underlying design principle is that through collaborations with clients, we develop elegant spaces that are specifically tailored and most of all beautiful and enjoyable to be in. 

Our aesthetics differ from project to project while considering a balance of materials, textures and colours. We have a meticulous appreciation for detail to create modern luxury spaces with a sense of timelessness, polished aesthetics and functionality, each with its own unique style.

The Unlisted Collective Rushcutters Bay.

What do you love the most about the Sydney interior design scene?

BF:I love that it’s continuously evolving and always offering up something new that challenges our perceptions. More and more we’re seeing diverse and innovative approaches to collaborative design, which is really inspiring.

The Unlisted Collective Bellevue Hills.

What do you feel is the most challenging part of being a designer today (outside of COVID-19)?

BF: Educating others on the value of design.

The Unlisted Collective Bellevue Hills.

Has there been any particular project, client or an important set of skills you’ve developed that has changed the course of your practice?

BF: Since establishing The Unlisted Collective, all of my experiences, collaborative ventures and the people I’ve worked with have been instrumental in evolving the practice.

My first project was a commission for a Heritage house in Canberra, which led to a longstanding client relationship. I am so grateful to the clients who have stood by me and supported the growth of my studio.

The Unlisted Collective Bellevue Hills.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

BF: Fashion and art.

Textural multilayered landscapes.

New experiences within travel and cultural influences, people and places around me

The Unlisted Collective McGrath Mosman.

Who or what are some of your influences? What other designers, peers and creatives do you admire?

BF: I just love French architect and interior designer Joseph Dirand. He’s my ultimate! I also admire Christian Liaigre and Kelly Wearstler.

The Unlisted Collective McGrath Mosman.

What would be your dream creative project or a collaboration?

BF: A boutique hotel in Paris in collaboration with Joseph Dirand!

The Unlisted Collective McGrath Hunters Hill.

What’s next?

BF: I want to keep The Unlisted Collective vision true, maintaining strong relationships with clients and working collaboratively to ensure each design is true to their style and brief.

Some of our current projects include an apartment to house conversion in Bondi and a private house in Bellevue Hill for which I’m working closely with the clients on the creative process.

Photography: Justin Alexander.

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