Going green at Garden Kitchen & Bar

May 25, 2016
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Conceived through a partnership between Jupiters and multi-disciplinary design firm DBI Design, Garden Kitchen & Bar responds beautifully its natural surroundings, combining local expertise and a clearly articulated conceptual vision to evoke a sense of place and belonging.

Anchored in a lush garden setting, Garden Kitchen & Bar sees a seamless connection between the existing building, outdoor conservatory, spacious deck and expansive lawn area. Inspired by its green surrounds and beachside setting, Garden Kitchen & Bar embraces the quintessential Queensland outdoor lifestyle, with a design that is very much about the green language.


An abundance of foliage adorns the interior with natural green walls of plants and an abundance of vines growing through the space – reinforcing the notion that the interior spaces have a freshness and connection with the seasonal produce offering.

Natural light filters in through ceiling skylights that run the length of the dining and bar area, as the pavilion unveils itself slowly out of the existing building, spatially increasing in volume and expanding to reach the outdoors.

Garden Bar

Serving as a beacon for the restaurant, DBI’s stand-out design feature is a bespoke eight-metre high outdoor conservatory offering a contemporary take on the traditional gazebo. Monumental in scale, the conservatory captivates the main vista through the restaurant, framing the view to the expansive lawn. Its whitewashed rustic timber battens enclose the outdoor area spatially but permit natural ventilation, while sheer curtains and tropical cushions serve to soften the space. Fresh floral prints accentuate the restaurant’s aesthetic by taking cues from the garden setting.


Internally, the modern communal dining area is complemented by an open kitchen equipped with chef’s rotisserie and an exquisite 13-metre indoor bar.

Susan Rossi, Director of Interior Design at DBI Design, explains that the inspiration behind Garden Kitchen & Bar is very much about the green language. “The design draws inspiration from Queensland’s coastal vernacular, mixed with a contemporary translation of old-world charm, to take full advantage of the site’s natural beauty and become a destination in itself.

“A ubiquitous, live foliage feature wall in the built environment aims to captivate guests on arrival and sets the scene for a welcoming and relaxed dining experience,” she said.


Drawing inspiration from Queensland’s coastal vernacular, mixed with a contemporary translation of old-world charm, the layout takes full advantage of the site’s natural beauty to become a destination in itself.

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