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Collaborative working spaces at The Porter

Collaborative working spaces at The Porter


FDC Construction & Fitout, one of the leading construction, refurbishment and fitout specialists in Australia, has completed work on a unique space in the heart of Sydney that utilises the sumptuous elegance of a members club, providing premier business facilities in a quirky and flexible environment.

The Porter, situated in the stunning and iconic 1 O’Connell Street which features a neon dome visible in the Sydney skyline for miles around, is an exclusive venue that can be reconfigured to suit every need.

From small meetings and lunches to conferences, events and presentations – the space has been designed to be tailored to specific requirements representing the best in innovative and modular design.

Driving the design vision for the project were building owners, Lend Lease-managed Australian Prime Property Fund Commercial and Haworth, a global office solutions provider and a company that has developed a reputation for being leaders in innovation, with worldwide offices.


Frank Rexach, Vice President and General Manager of Haworth Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America at Haworth, commented: “The Porter will provide its members with unique privileges and an ability to leverage a range of different work environments and amenities including a flexible workshop area, event spaces, meeting rooms, casual seating, and a central “chalet” with fireplace, in which to collaborate and network. The array of space is designed to encourage cross-company pollination in an exclusive lounge atmosphere.”

With companies continually on the lookout for new ways to enthuse employees whilst creating timeless office designs that will make the most of limited budgets, it’s essential to get office design right the first time. With that in mind, Haworth appointed FDC Construction & Fitout to oversee the fitout of the development.

Ben Cottle, Managing Director at FDC, said: “In the last few years, studies have shown that office and meeting spaces have an integral role in improving staff morale and productivity, as employees are consistently looking beyond the four
walls of their offices and at the wider space available to them for inspiration. It’s therefore paramount to ensure office designs have the right balance of elegance and sophistication, whilst promoting increased employee enthusiasm and output.


“The Porter reflects this ideology at every turn – from the large meeting rooms to the smaller, cosier meeting areas for informal conversations. The premises boast every conceivable kind of meeting area, whilst the finishing touches have borrowed from the best in current and timeless ideas and trends in interior office design – reinventing the manner in which business is done.”

FDC was charged with the task of dramatically altering the existing facilities to bring them into the modern business and design era. Working under a tight budget and deadline of only 11 weeks, FDC was able to create a space in which to conduct day to day business that is truly spectacular and inspiring.

This included an exclusive lounge area, flexible workshop area, event spaces, meeting rooms, casual seating, and a central “chalet” with fireplace in which to collaborate and network.

Companies involved in the project were chosen for their credentials as leading innovators in their respective fields, and included design firm Gensler, NDY, Defire and Philips Dynalite – all of whom collaborated to deliver the premium business facilities.

Ben finishes: “In life and business, first impressions have a lasting impact on the way companies are viewed by our clients, employees, peers and potential new business associates. The breath-taking facilities sported by The Porter, will ensure those that utilise this space are representing their company in the best possible way – something that has certainly been achieved through this project.”


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