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Barangaroo’s jewellery box: Campos coffee

Barangaroo’s jewellery box: Campos coffee


Coming in at a minuscule 17m2, the new Campos coffee kiosk in Barangaroo’s International Towers adds a touch of luxury to the space. Designed by Woods Bagot, with the lobby space in mind, the pop-up style kiosk is a deliberate insertion that blends with the surrounding grandeur of the lobby architecture.

campos barangaroo

The coffee kiosk was conceived with a dual function, both as a distinctive sculptural form and as a threshold element between the broader Barangaroo precinct. This duality was resolved by drawing inspiration from the geometric grid of the base building’s façade while using materiality and craftsmanship to create a point of difference. The concept design for the kiosk was inspired by a sense of purity and simplicity of form. Featuring a lustrous brass frame likened to a sculptural installation, Campos Barangaroo imbues a sense of place and permanency through a refined interiors scheme expressed via the modern application of traditional materials.


Affectionately termed the ‘jewellery box’ for its shimmering, lustrous aesthetic, Campos Barangaroo was designed as an integral part of the overarching design strategy for International Towers Sydney, Tower Three. More akin to an art gallery than a corporate workplace environment, the ephemeral brass form has been positioned as a jewel within the lobby expanse, its refined design forming an elegant meeting place for the building’s tenants and guests.

The material palette is pared back and reduced to simple brass and grey marble, with the scheme providing a strong sense of coordination to its place. Through a minimalist brass frame and feature brass mesh siding, the ephemeral form of the kiosk provides a striking and sculptural element within the expansive volume of the tower’s lobby. An elegant insertion into the space, Campos Barangaroo celebrates old-world craftsmanship with a contemporary form.


The Italian-style coffee bar is accompanied by an outdoor seating zone which comprises bespoke furniture in brass and marble to match the kiosk. The clean, industrial lines of the brass box structure, together with the brass mesh siding, grey marble counter and matching outdoor furniture, work together in a considered and innovative way for a modern and minimalist outcome.


Each component and detail of the kiosk design has been curated with precision and intent, helping to emit a feeling of grandeur and luxury. The quality finishes of the kiosk not only reflect the Campos brand, but also provide a fitting environment for Campos’ high energy, fast-paced team of baristas to create theatre on display.

Photography by Trevor Mein.


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