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Tilt Industrial Design announces new podcast series

Tilt Industrial Design announces new podcast series


New podcast series Tilt: Exploring Industrial Design & Architecture launched this week with an episode about Australia’s first heliostat at One Central Park in Sydney.

Developed by Tilt Industrial Design, the podcast aims to challenge preconceived notions about industrial design, and explore the fusion between architecture and construction.

In its first episode, Tilt managing director Tim Phillips is joined by SJB studio director Emily Wombwell to discuss the design and delivery of Australia’s first heliostat.

A heliostat is a device that consists of one or more mirrors, usually plane ones, which can be individually controlled and moved in order to keep reflecting sunlight directed toward the central receiver.

The Architectural Heliostat & Lighting System was conceptualised by French architect Jean Nouvel to address shading issues and improve natural lighting in high density urban areas. 

One Central Park features Australia’s first heliostat to be used in a residential context and the world’s largest ever used in an urban environment.

Eight years on, Wombwell and Phillips explore the design, its complex delivery and the application of existing technology in a new market.

Former Frasers Property development director Michael Goldrick also provides insights into how the project came about and its architectural intention.

The system, designed by Kennovations is made up of 40 motorised heliostats (on the West Tower roof) and 320 reflective mirror panels (on the East Tower cantilever) which captures and redirects sunlight into retail spaces and landscaped terraces.

The choice of Phillip and Wombwell for this first episode of the Tilt: Exploring Industrial Design & Architecture podcast is not a coincidence.

Both have separately worked on their own heliostat projects and thus bring well-informed commentary around the specifics of this lighting system.

One Central Park’s heliostat was designed by French architectural practice Ateliers Jean Nouvel and PTW Architects.

The hovering cantilever is the focal point for an enchanting assembly of motorised and fixed mirrors that reflect sunlight throughout the site.

The installation is a world-first with respect to the sheer size and application. 

In its approach, Ateliers Jean Nouvel sought to reflect light in a way that offset overshadowing and supplemented solar access in the retail atrium, podium spaces and the landscaped terraces.

As industrial designers, Tilt was also engaged to work on One Central Park, developing and delivering the brief to integrate the mirrors into the building, making them an urban architectural feature rather than a standalone addition.

Tilt identified existing technology in the conceptual thermal industry and repurposed it into an urban environment, with the design calling for mass production and a complex implementation that required a global procurement strategy.

At night, the integrated LED lighting system displays video interpretations of Sydney landscapes, significantly contributing to the property’s public artwork requirements. Photo: Ryan Park.

Tilt: Exploring Industrial Design & Architecture is available on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

Established in 2014, Tilt is a team of industrial designers, fabricators and engineers based out of Sydney. It has worked with Australian and international clients, delivering a vast array of operable and architectural features.

Lead photo: Murray Fredericks.

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