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Australia’s first Architecture and Design forecast

Australia’s first Architecture and Design forecast


Five years ago, if you had known:

That over 2500 additional stand-alone modular or prefab dwellings on existing residential lots would be approved in Western Sydney in 2015…

That it was possible to incorporate a 14-metre wide door opening in new residential constructions and renovations in Brisbane…

That in 2014 the average size of a one-bedroom apartment sold off the plan in Melbourne would be 44 square metres…

That Barangaroo’s International Towers would create 320,000 square metres of new open plan office space and 28,000 square metres of new retail, food and beverage opportunities…

That sole traders and small agile businesses would create massive demand for flexible-lease shared office space in converted warehouses and repurposed C-grade towers, as well as revolutionising the design of the office at home…

What would you and your business have done differently?

In February 2016, Niche Media will publish the first ever Global Architecture and Design Forecast for Australia.

From an extraordinary research base looking at social, economic, population and planning data, the Forecast will delve deep and point the way to how we plan, design, build and supply in the coming years.

Housing, office and commercial space, interiors and the entire range of products that form the building blocks of our built environment will be examined and explored.

Don’t miss out on this new opportunity to foresee the trends and developments that will influence our futures.

The Niche Media 2016 Design and Architecture Forecast represents an unparalleled opportunity – click below to register your interest.



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