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Linear by Smeg – Design begins with the line

Linear by Smeg – Design begins with the line


A moment of reflection

Technology with style is central to the Smeg philosophy. Smeg is undisputedly one of the leaders in developing groundbreaking cooking technologies since its inception in 1948. In 1956, Smeg developed the Elisabeth – the world’s first programmable freestanding cooker with flame failure device. In 1980 Smeg launched the first iteration of Thermoseal technology – a perfectly controlled cooking cavity to produce more consistent and flavoursome results.

Along with cooking prowess, Smeg believes that appliances should be stylish and enjoyed on a daily basis like a work of art. In 1985 we took the bold step of collaborating with world-leading architects on new design aesthetics. Why architects? Because architecture is for life and enduring style borne out of the elements and principles of design will become aesthetically pleasing for life.


And like a work of art, an appliance’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Smeg also recognises a single aesthetic option may not be pleasing to everyone. Customers should enjoy the benefit of choice – different design styles to suit individual tastes.

Enter Smeg’s Linear Collection. A truly unique design reflecting the translucent beauty of exciting new materials like Stopsol glass. The Linear Collection starts with a new interpretation of the first element of design – the ‘line’. Effortlessly simple, ergonomically balanced and unashamedly minimal, Linear is at home in the most modern of kitchens.


The Perfect Colour Match

Smeg’s distinctive Linear range of ovens are sleek, simple and beautifully conceived. Incorporating a modern minimalist design aesthetic, the series is characterised by symmetrical lines, balance and light. Available in white (bianco), black (nero) or silver and stainless steel finish, each is extremely ergonomic and designed to maximise the available space – any combination will make a real style statement in the kitchen.

As pioneers of architectural design, Smeg is acutely aware of the desire for uninterrupted lines in the kitchen. Smeg’s new Linear Collection has evolved to ensure precise matching detail, whether you install complementary appliances together in a vertical or horizontal configuration.


Smeg’s new 45cm high compact ovens are wholly produced in Smeg’s factory in Northern Italy and are engineered to perfectly match Smeg’s 60cm ovens, with a 15cm warming drawer available to complete the line.
White (bianco)

White (bianco)
When selecting white – it’s never about the colour. It’s about light bouncing off the detail. Linear’s fine detailing – the beautifully proportioned ergonomic handle and sleek displays are the pinnacle of fine design. Lustrous, pure and sleek, Smeg’s Linear Collection in white can subtly and elegantly retreat into the background or shine at centre stage.

Black (nero)
The Linear Collection in black is a statement in any kitchen. It has a strength and sense of confidence which boldly announces that the owner of this kitchen has an appreciation for design and isn’t afraid to show it. Linear in black is deliberately brave but its pared back detailing has the finesse of sophistication.

Visit http://www.smeg.com.au/linear/ for more information.


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