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Parent company of Cult Design, Corporate Culture, acquires Mark Tuckey

Parent company of Cult Design, Corporate Culture, acquires Mark Tuckey


The parent company of Cult Design, Corporate Culture, has acquired sustainable timber furniture brand Mark Tuckey. 

The acquisition by Corporate Culture – one of Australia’s largest specialty furniture groups will expand product offerings and reach wider audiences.

Corporate Culture, whose portfolio include Cult, HAY Australia, Cultivated and nau, took control of the Mark Tuckey factory and sales at the beginning of September. Founder Mark Tuckey will be stepping away from operations but will assist with handover. 

Born from an interest in furniture design using recycled and ethically sourced timber, Mark Tuckey’s eponymous brand has thrived for nearly 35 years and each piece continues to be handmade by Australian makers.

Known for timeless creations with an emphasis on simplicity and functionality, the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly materials has positioned it as a leader in the sustainable furniture space.

Mark Tuckey says, “I will be involved in the business where it’s helpful, especially during handover and the ensuing months. Time will tell what the extent is but there will be some involvement, I don’t want it to disappear out of my life, It’s my baby and I love it.”

Enduring legacy

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into building this brand over the last 35 years. This transition represents an exciting new chapter for Mark Tuckey, as Cult’s expertise and network will undoubtedly propel the brand to new heights,” Tuckey says of the acquisition.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to continue our legacy of crafting enduring furniture that stands the test of time.”

Corporate Culture founder and CEO Richard Munao says the furniture brand’s dedication to sustainable design and quality aligns perfectly with the values of its new parent company. 

Pictured Corporate Culture founder and CEO Richard Munao (Photo Supplied)

“With this acquisition, we are not only preserving an iconic Australian brand but also enhancing our ability to provide outstanding design solutions to our clients,” he says. 

Corporate Culture founder and CEO Richard Munao
Humble beginnings

Tuckey’s business began in Melbourne in 1990 with a couple of hundred dollars, an old truck and experience making furniture out of recycled timber. He bought his first table for $200, renovated it, and sold it three days later for $800. 

Tuckey reflects on the brand’s humble origins and commitment to recycling unloved treasures, “I stalked the council tips around expensive Melbourne suburbs in my truck for things to renovate and sell. Very successfully!”

Pictured Mark Tuckey (Photo Supplied)
Supporting Australian manufacturing 

The brand grew organically and now employs 20 staff at two outlets. As the business grew, Tuckey’s core principles stayed the same: producing good-looking and built-to-last furniture locally in Australia, strictly using only recycled or environmentally friendly timber sources. 

Tuckey reveals the brand’s unique design ethos. 

“The aesthetic is pared back, timeless design that celebrates the beauty of solid timber. Iconic designs that are beyond fashion, like an Eames chair. It was always about quality, furniture that will last for generations.”

Munao shares Tuckey’s commitment to bolstering Australian manufacturing. 

“I am passionate about Australian design and as a trained cabinetmaker, I want to see manufacturing stay in Australia. For many years we have been investing in Australian design and working with local artisans; the Nau brand that we launched back in 2017 is an example of this,” he says.

Founded in Sydney by Richard Munao in 1997, Corporate Culture has grown into one of Australia’s largest specialty retail groups with a portfolio of premium brands.

And as customers become more conscious of buying local and reducing their environmental footprint, Munao believes this acquisition shows Corporate Culture’s commitment to supporting sustainable furniture production and design.

Harmonious future 

The Mark Tuckey business will continue to run separately with founder Mark Tuckey stepping away from operations, while using Cult’s network to strengthen its position in the commercial, hospitality and residential markets. Tuckey says he’ll be enjoying a ‘gap year’. 

“I have 14 acres of land and gardens near Byron Bay, where I live, that has endless opportunities for me to spend time. I really enjoy gardening and landscaping. I might get my hands into it again and make some one-off pieces of furniture for fun,” Tuckey says of the near future.

“I want to have a Da Da moment, the only good plan is no plan.”

As the transition gets underway, both entities say they look forward to a harmonious future that honours Mark Tuckey’s rich legacy while ushering in a new era of innovation in Australian furniture design.

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