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Omnia’s Plant Glider is simple, beautiful and functional

Omnia’s Plant Glider is simple, beautiful and functional


Like many great designs, Omnia’s Plant Glider was inspired by taking an existing object and turning it into something more functional and beautiful. 

The seed was planted by a homeowner disheartened by the existing pot trolleys on the market. Keen to find a better solution, Peter McKinnon and the team of designers and engineers at Omnia set to work.

The unique design of Plant Glider allows gardeners (both professional and hobbyists) of all ages to easily and safely shift their beautiful potted plants. This is due to its unique radially aligned wheel-base design, which uses Omnia’s patented multi-directional omni-wheel technology. 

Whether they’re chasing the sun, wanting to clean around their pots or simply changing up the layout and feel of their gardens or balconies, the Plant Glidergives people a more effortless way to do it. 

“The design addresses a number of design flaws commonly found in many plant dollies in the market today and introduces a new, more consistent and reliable user experience,” McKinnon says. 

“This includes poor load stability and directional control due to the use of free-moving castor wheels, and corrosion and breakage resulting from the corrosion of individual parts, such as screws, bolts and plates.” 

High-quality materials ensure Plant Glider keeps going and won’t rust, corrode, break or collapse. An impact-resistant, low profile injection moulded glass-filled polypropylene body, continuous rubber non-slip top ring and corrosion-resistant all polymer and stainless steel omni wheels combine to provide its signature smooth glide.

As well as ease of movement, it can traverse easily over tricky terrain, such as gaps in decks, paving and tiles. Its unique design also makes it safe and easy for gardeners to load and unload the dead weight of a pot and plant under it.

This functionality reduces the likelihood of personal injury caused by moving heavy pot plants, so ergonomically, it’s a gem. 

While being highly functional, it’s also an object of minimalist beauty. Its sleek, understated profile with the wheels concealed is designed to enhance rather than detract from the expensive pots, plants and bouquets it showcases. 

“It’s designed to be noticeably unnoticeable,” McKinnon says. 

Plant Glider is available in three colours: white, charcoal and terracotta. It also comes with a choice of a 50kg or 90kg weight limit. The difference is the number of Omnia wheels on the base.

While circular by design, it can even be used on rectangular pots when two gliders are paired up. 

Omnia, as a company, is sustainability-conscious. Not only are environmental practices prioritised in the factory where Plant Glider rolls off the line, but its very design extends its lifeline. 

“By using non-corrosive materials and designing the Plant Glider in such a way that it’s able to manage heavy loads, it reduces the need for frequent replacement, therefore avoiding what ends up in landfill,” McKinnon says.

Simple, beautiful, functional and sustainable, Plant Glider has truly elevated the essence of what a plant trolley should be. 

See the effortless plant glide at plantglider.com.


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