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Fine lines: the Avion collection


Fine lines: the Avion collection


Designed by Keith Melbourne and available exclusively through Stylecraft, Avion is an intelligent new modular furniture collection that puts the user first.

Elegant lines and spacious functionality are the qualities that have driven the development and execution of Keith Melbourne’s latest collection, highlighting his ability to create a striking piece while simultaneously solving design problems.

Avion is a soft architectural system of modular wall, seating and table elements that provide for a variety of functions. With user experience and considerations for day-to-day essentials a driving force of the design, the collection’s stand-out features include coat hooks, custom lighting, charging points and optional side tables to accommodate your bags/water.


Its limitless flexibility provides a capacity to embrace and respond to the experimentation and evolution occurring in flexible workplaces today.

Avion invites a new approach to designing commercial environments, creating holistic contemporary workplaces by reducing the scale of spatial design to that of furniture.

The upholstered walls that act as the spine of Avion’s modular system create the opportunity for contrasting functions to co-exist in close proximity.


With a background in the aerospace and automotive industries, the manufacturing processes behind Melbourne’s work are invisible in the pure, sculpted forms of Avion.

The highly considered proportions, functional details and ergonomic forms culminate in a luxurious collection supporting both focus and collaboration.

The highly modular nature of Avion allows designers to create custom configurations, combining a number of functions.

The collection comprises desking, individual work pods, integrated lounging, two-, four- and six-person meeting rooms and integrated lighting, power, charging and TV mounting capabilities.

Stylecraft has been providing furniture of original, contemporary design for 65 years. First established in Melbourne, Stylecraft is now represented in six showrooms around Australia together with an office in Singapore.



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