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Wave Blades: curvilinear design

Wave Blades: curvilinear design


Wave Blades are Supawood’s newest development, a proprietary lining system which makes creating sculptured timber blade features affordable, simple to specify and easy to install.

The look of free-flowing timber blade features is a fast growing interior design trend. However, many designers shy away from these unique lineaments in their project because traditionally it involved custom joinery which was laborious to document and very expensive to achieve.

Supawood have made planning and accomplishing this type of ceiling or wall simple by creating a proprietary system which allows for choices of materials to suit multiple price points. Supawood will guide you through the whole design process and then manufacture custom profile blades to the exact layout in your design. With such support and advice you can achieve exactly the effect you visualise.

To minimise time on site and make easy installation possible by any approved partition contractor, blades are delivered pre-finished with concealed labelling to identifying their unique location and packed by area.

Wave Blades are available in a full range of finishes including natural timber veneers, concept veneers, Birch plywood and any solid colour. There is a look to suit any décor theme and colour scheme. Acoustic, green and fire retardant options are also available.

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