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Rexa Unico Egg Bath


With the aim to create more functional space within the bathroom and innovate lasting designs, Paco Jaanson have recently introduced the Rexa Unico Egg Bath.

Equipped with the European design characteristics that are currently in vogue, Rexa introduces new materials and forefront solutions to the bathroom. The natural appeal of this egg-shaped bath resonates with its eco-friendly technology and approach.

Rexa’s spa-like design can rejuvenate any bathroom modern or traditional. It embodies tasteful blends of stylish and contemporary combining clear aesthetic appeal with functional space in the form of an integrated shelf. The storage compartments are perfect to place bath salts or books at arms length while enjoying a relaxing bath.

There are different incline grades on the two sides to maximise comfort both seated and lying down. Comprising a mixture of acrylic, resins and natural minerals, the use of Korakril produces a resistant, antistatic, lightproof and stain-proof bath.

The bathroom is generally considered the wellness hub of the home and the Unico Egg bath alters the traditional topography into an area that excels well beyond functionality, pushing relaxation to new levels.

The Rexa Unico Egg bath is made in Italy and distributed exclusively by Paco Jaanson.



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