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Mira Moon: Chinese fairy tale meets western design


Mira Moon: Chinese fairy tale meets western design


A new design hotel in Hong Kong has made this creature from Chinese mythology the star of an artistic orchestration: red rabbits hanging from the ceiling, illuminated by crystal chandeliers, accompanied by a piglet that doubles as a side table. Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, who the New York Times once named the ‘Lady Gaga of the design world’, is behind the hotel’s imaginative interior design.

Mira Moon9

In the Hotel Mira Moon, he combined themes taken from the tale of the Moon Goddess and her Jade Rabbit with traditional craftsmanship and modern elements. Fitting this mix of styles, fixtures from the Axor Urquiola collection complement the modern bathrooms.

Mira Moon3

Sensual bathroom culture with an emphasis on functionality

It was no coincidence that a sensual bathroom collection from Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe SE, was selected for the configuration of the hotel’s bathrooms. The fixtures designed by Patricia Urquiola appear as though they were naturally grown, with soft shapes transcending into wide surfaces and melting with the remaining bathroom decor to create a harmonious ensemble.

Mira Moon6

In the marble bathrooms of the Mira Moon, the stand-alone Axor Urquiola bathtub mixer is combined at the wash basin with Hansgrohe Metris fixtures. The high spout of the mixer provides additional space, while the calm design language is discreetly integrated into the sensual ambience. In this way, the bathroom fixtures from the Black Forest make a substantial contribution to the comfort, convenience and design sophistication of the Mira Moon.

Mira Moon5

Chinese symbolism as a starting point for the Wanders & yoo! collaboration

The hotel plays with the Chinese legend that is part of the traditional autumn and full moon festivals at all levels: from the lobby and lounge all the way into the 91 rooms and suites, Yutu, the favorite rabbit of the Moon Goddess Chang’e is ubiquitous in many forms – either as an image or a flying creature, and frequently combined with a stylised full moon and rich blossoms.

Mira Moon7

The international design office yoo! – one of the founders of which is the long-standing Axor design partner Philippe Starck – and Marcel Wanders collaborated to achieve this firework of eccentric styles. The Wanders & yoo! Partnership thus pooled the glowing fantasy of the Dutch product designer with the expertise of a design studio that develops top-notch residential and hospitality projects around the world.

Mira Moon8

The designers relied on Chinese craftsmanship to develop the vast array of woodwork, such as the highly ornamental ceiling and wall coverings, in the hotel.  Wood carvings, ceramics, rich textiles, and orange-red color accents represent the link to time-honored tradition. The mosaics in the bathrooms and the meticulously selected floral carpets also reflect emphasis on, and love for, details. Accessories provide accents that are rich in contrasting elements: for instance, the piglet that doubles as a side table – incidentally produced by the design label Moooi, of which Marcel Wanders is one of the co-founders.

Mira Moon4

Above the rooftops of Hong Kong

Architectural highlights also spoil guests in this deluxe hotel: floor-to-ceiling windows set the stage for a spectacular view of Victoria Harbor, which can be particularly enjoyed from one of the free-standing bathtubs. Also worth a visit is the hotel’s own outdoor terrace with a vertical garden.

Mira Moon10

This elevated haven allows visitors to forget the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and the lively Wan Chai quarter surrounding Mira Moon. The day ends in one of the rooms named after the Half, New or Full Moons – just like in the legend the Jade Rabbit bedded his godly mistress.


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