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Stealth House by Teeland Architects

Stealth House by Teeland Architects


Written by: Sara Kirby, images by Jared Fowler.

Designed by Teeland Architects, the Stealth House is a rustic and ultra-modern residence in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Situated high on a ridge, the grey home is surrounded by rainforest, creeks and waterfalls, which provide not only breathtaking views but an abundance of places to explore, as well as inspiration for much of the home’s design.


In line with their trademark style, Teeland have developed a home that complements – and blends into – the natural environment in which it sits. The Stealth House’s exterior colour melds with the surrounding browns and greens of the forest, while its fluid architectural design connects it to the sloping earth on which it has been built.


Teeland faced a challenge when developing the home, due to the high slip level of the soil on the property and the downward fall of the earth at its front. To work with this, a bold cantilevered face was incorporated into the design.


At its side, the Stealth House is bordered by a wide veranda of unpolished timber. A V-shaped infinity pool plays on the angled style that abounds the house, providing a contrast against its subdued and simple palette.


Inside, timber floors and tan couches take a back seat to the panoramic view of the surrounding greenery and far-off mountains. Extensive windows envelop home, hosting views of the ocean, and from the bedrooms, intimate views of the rainforest.


Built into the environment, but also with the environment in mind, the Stealth House’s energy is harnessed entirely from solar power and its wastewater recycled on-site.



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