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NGV 2024 Architecture Commissions Open

NGV 2024 Architecture Commissions Open


Tick-tock, architects! The countdown is on as registrations for the 2024 NGV Architecture Commission competition close on Monday 28 August. 

Get ready for the ninth instalment of this prestigious architecture commission. The NGV Architecture Commission is no mere stage; it’s the avant-garde arena where Australia’s architectural visionaries unleash their creativity, transforming the NGV Garden at NGV International into a canvas of ingenuity.

NGV 2022 Architecture Commission: Temple of Boom

The 2024 NGV Architecture Commission shifts gears, adopting a two-stage competition format that beckons architects and interdisciplinary squads with an unabashed Australian spirit. Global minds are welcome, but an Australian-registered architect must be included in the makeup of the team. Since its 2016 inception, the NGV has consistently championed designs that push boundaries, ignite discourse, and redefine the very essence of architecture.

Perth architect, Nic Brunsdon, clinched the Commission’s coveted laurels this year. His brainchild, “(This is) Air,” defies the unseen by materialising the very air we breathe. Witness a colossal spherical marvel that inhales and exhales throughout the day. A living testament to the intertwined rhythms of air and time.

NGV 2023 Architecture Commission: (This is) Air

Since the NGV Contemporary Design and Architecture Department’s inception in 2015, the NGV Architecture Commission has been the grand stage for Australia’s architects and designers. The winning commission is featured within the NGV Garden at NGV International, amidst the echoes of legends like Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang (2022), Taylor Knights + James Carey (2021), John Wardle Architects (2015) and more.

With registrations closing soon, the NGV Garden braces for a new chapter. The 2024 NGV Architecture Commission competition galvanises the nation’s architectural pioneers. The NGV Garden awaits its next transformation, poised for architectural ingenuity that will reverberate through time.

Images supplied by the NGV.

Find the registration details here: ngv.vic.gov.au

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