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HOOD lighting range by Atelje Lyktan

HOOD lighting range by Atelje Lyktan


In accordance with the old adage about necessity being the mother of invention, the range of HOOD lighting solutions, which is manufactured and marketed by Atelje Lyktan, was devised in response to a very particular problem.

When Swedish design studio Form Us With Love moved to a new workspace it soon became apparent that the acoustics of the cavernous new space left a little to be desired.

“We came up with the idea for Hood when we moved to our new studio,” says Petrus Palmér from Form Us With Love. “We needed a flexible and sound absorbing light source above our conference table as the studio is open-plan and with a very high ceiling.”

And from this simple necessity, the HOOD was born. Designed for Atelje Lyktan, HOOD is an LED pendant light that ideally suited for open plan environments as it functions as both a source of light and a sound barrier, thus helping to create a more intimate space in the contemporary and often open-plan office landscape.


Its modular structure means that the Hood can grow according to the size and sound dampening requirements of the space into which it is installed.

HOOD is made up of three different types of modules in moulded polyester felt; corner, side and top panels, creating a structure that measures from 1200 x 1200mm up to 1800 x 3000mm at its biggest size.

“In principle we should be able to expand on the size of HOOD infinitely,” says Ateljé Lyktan’s design engineer Cecilia Fahlberg.

Atelje Lyktan is a long-established Swedish lighting company, which develops, manufactures and markets luminaires. Form Us With Love is the internationally acclaimed design studio that designed the HOOD lighting range and has helped to reposition Atelje Lyktan as a premium brand.

Five standard colours are available in black, dark grey, light grey, sand or red. Other colours are available upon request.

The HOOD range is available in Australian from Cafe Culture Insitu

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