A cloud on high – The Immersery

Mar 5, 2014
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As part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2014, innovative architects and designers Hassell have developed an installation of a cloud-like structure that is suspended above a floating bar and open-kitchen restaurant on the banks of Melbourne’s Yarra River. The concept was initiated by the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and was made a reality by the team at Hassell led by Brenton Beggs. The Immersery: Festival Kitchen, Bar and Raingarden is a most ambitious temporary space and will bring the Festival’s water theme alive.

“We wanted to design a space that would draw people in and create a sense of excitement and an element of surprise” said Brenton. “The design represents the three states of water as well as the water cycle, encouraging visitors to consider how we use one of Earth’s most precious resources, at the same time as enjoying the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the festival.”

The cloud-like canopy has been positioned above the disused Sandridge Rail Bridge and will create a skyline community space as well as offering a new city vantage point. Many of the materials used to create The Immersery are connected to water infrastructure and plumbing pipes have either been reclaimed, recycled or will be returned into circulation at the end of the Festival therby ensuring that material waste will be kept to a minimum.

Hassell Principal Mary Papaioannou said temporary projects such as The Immersery provided the opportunity for experimentation through intervention in the public realm.

“Temporary or ‘pop-up’ events are great vehicles for testing ideas. They offer a chance to directly challenge established modes of public occupation and behaviour and offer the public a new perspective on a space they may already be extremely familiar with,” said Mary.

The 2014 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival runs from 28 February – 16 March

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