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The truly great outdoors with Charles Wilson and King Living


The truly great outdoors with Charles Wilson and King Living


Charles Wilson and King Living combined equals an array of wonderful solutions for outdoor lifestyles.

The pure joy that we can glean from being outdoors is one of things that will be associated with 2020 for a long, long time. When normal activities are restricted and our time spent outside the confines of our own four walls severely curtailed, those few precious moments when we can breathe in great gulps of fresh air and feel the rejuvenating blessings of sunshine on our skin have become ever more precious.

The Luna Outdoor chair.

And sometimes it takes a global pandemic to remind us of that.

But revelling in the delights of the world outside our windows doesn’t always mean we have to be scurrying around squeezing in our exercise or rushing to the shops for vital supplies. There are times when the best thing of all is to just sit back and take it all in. And the great news is that if you’re on your own property, time restrictions don’t apply. You can sit in your garden or on your deck for as long as you wish.

And there’s no better way to do that than in one of Charles Wilson’s glorious creations. The award-winning designer is a passionate advocate of the importance of living authentically and simply.

“Authentic living involves considering what you really need in life and what you need to purchase and how it’s going to enhance your life and last the distance,” he says.

Luna. Love. Good!

The Luna Outdoor chair.

These are the instincts that inform his work and were certainly front of mind when it came to the design of the Luna Outdoor chair. Designed for an outdoor application from the very start, the Luna was inspired by nature, with its flowing organic design exemplified by the way its legs branch into the understructure of the seat.

And what a seat! Generous and sophisticated, it resembles a water flower in full bloom tilting up to face the sunlight. With its delicate lines made from precision welded strands of bent steel and moulded expanded steel mesh, the chair is the epitome of deceptive strength.

The Luna Outdoor chair.

Its fully removable tailored cushion, complete with Sunbrella® waterproof fabric, features a concealed magnet as a beautifully considered design touch. King Living’s full range of fabrics and leathers are also options, as is the ability to choose bespoke fabrics if desired. With a 10-year outdoor warranty, and a frame available in ‘Rock’, ‘Salt’ and ‘Eucalyptus’ powder-coat colours, this seat practically cries out to be sat in.

Gaga for Zaza

The Zaza Outdoor sofa.

And for those with a little more room, the Luna’s luxurious appeal matches that of another Charles Wilson outdoor creation for King Living – the Zaza Outdoor sofa.

This modular sofa is a superb adaptation of an interior solution that offers the same comfort and versatility enjoyed in the living room for life under the most glorious ceiling of all – the sky.

Zaza’s steel frame is padded with layers of premium foam for comfort, its sled-legs are covered in ‘Salt’ and ‘Rock’, and the arms and backs feature the distinctive Charles Wilson edge stitching.

The Zaza Outdoor sofa.

It has removable covers, chosen from a wide range of premium King Living Outdoor fabrics, easily detachable arms and backs, and comes in a two- or three-seater frame that can be configured in various ways, including as a bed.

If the weather holds out, you may never head inside again…

For the final word, you can always trust the man who walks his talk. Wilson divides his time between a central New South Wales farm and the state capital.

Of the latter he says, “Sydney apartment living could hardly be more different, though I’m lucky to have a balcony. I have Outdoor Luna chairs there, which are great for relaxing.”

Explore the outdoor collection at www.kingliving.com.au.


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