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Neolith serves Real Dads a chic and sustainable kitchen on the Mornington Peninsula

Neolith serves Real Dads a chic and sustainable kitchen on the Mornington Peninsula


When the ‘Real Dads of Melbourne’ Jarrad and Michael Duggan-Tierney sat down to design their new kitchen for their picturesque holiday home located on the Mornington Peninsula, environmental considerations were at the top of mind. 

Using Neolith’s innovative Estatuario sintered stone allowed the family to achieve their primary goal of creating a low-maintenance space that simultaneously exudes elegance. The product, which is known for its durability and eco-credentials, can be used in a variety of uses such as the kitchen and beyond. 

The couple’s presence on social media is very family and friend-focused, so the design for their new kitchen naturally was no different. 

“We wanted our kitchen to be the hub of the house – somewhere we could cook up a storm, entertain in and gather with loved ones,” says Jarrad.

Neolith was recommended to us by our kitchen manufacturer, Häcker Australia, as having the best quality, range and colours. We looked at alternatives, but nothing else came close.” 

When researching the product, the couple wanted a surface strong enough to “dance on”. 

The property, which is situated on the bayside Mornington Peninsula region, offers its homeowners and guests a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of inner Melbourne. 

The modern and minimalist space has a coastal edge which is underscored by cool undertones and a natural materials palette. 

“The soft movement in the Häcker joinery captured this contemporary seaside essence perfectly, and it looks incredible in combination with the Neolith surfaces,” says Jarrad.

A material fit for purposes

“We love the look of natural stone but needed something that wouldn’t require a lot of looking after,” he says. “We have many guests and don’t want to be that annoying host that freaks out about a glass without a coaster. We needed a material that didn’t stain from oil, red wine and is resistant to burn marks from citrus (from all the cocktails we make!) and even ice-burns.”

Real Dads of Melbourne

Unlike many other benchtop materials, it’s possible to cut Neolith in precise curves and rounds which allowed the owners the ability to find creative uses for offcuts so nothing went to waste. The couple needed a power point near the fridge but its highly visible location could risk detracting from the visual experience of the whole space. 

Jarrad says a designer friend suggested placing a “concealed pop-up outlet” in the benchtop, and the stonemason was easily able to craft this with the products from Neolith.

“We also customised a large TV cabinet in the adjoining lounge room by utilising offcuts from the kitchen benchtops and splashback, which creates a nice sense of connection and blend between the two areas,” he says.

Real Dads of Melbourne
Being kind to the earth

Jarrad describes the design as “practical and simple in style” but most importantly restrained in both its aesthetic and environmental impact. Neolith is a carbon-neutral product which is made from all-natural materials and is also fully recyclable. This allowed the couple to design their kitchen to sit lightly on the earth.

Like Neolith, Häcker Australia is a brand known for its earth-friendly offerings. “Häcker was the first kitchen manufacturer whose entire product portfolio was developed to be climate-neutral,” says Häcker Australia director Nick Edwards. 


“They have a dedicated reforestation focus and create their product lines with environmentally friendly water-based paint and adhesive systems, effectively removing the use of nasty chemicals.”

The family says they have been “so impressed” with the product across all applications. 

“We would totally use this material in a shower area in our next renovation project,” says Jarrad, highlighting the benefit of no grout. “Even the stonemason asked us, ‘Are you sure it’s not real marble?’ because of how real it looks and how well it performs.”

Real Dads

The end product is a chic kitchen that’s both environmentally friendly and a breeze to look after, holding true to the chilled lifestyle of the Mornington Peninsula. Weekends away have never been more relaxing. More information on these products can be found at neolith.com.

Photography by Martina Gemmola.


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