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M/Connect 2 – KonMari your workspace!

M/Connect 2 – KonMari your workspace!


When we look back on 2019, it’s inevitable that one of the standout topics of conversation we will remember will be the KonMari method – namely the system of decluttering your home made popular by author and television personality Marie Kondo.

But it’s a concept that isn’t confined to the home – our workplaces too are spaces that can wind up covered in the detritus of our everyday work lives – with everything from staplers to coffee
containers (KeepCups, naturally) battling for their share of the desk real estate.

So anything that keeps that clutter at bay or at least reorganises it to be out of sight and neatly tucked away is to be warmly welcomed. M/Connect 2 does just that – it’s a USB docking station
that provides power delivery to USB-C and Thunderbolt notebooks, while also being backwards compatible with USB 3.0 notebooks.

Where the innovation lies is in its split dock technology, which allows all cables to be connected under the desk and off the work surface. This limits accessibility to connections that aren’t
required by the user, while an easily accessible compact hub allows instant access to data, charging and audio ports.

The design works with or without a monitor arm, but either way increases usable workspace and enhances user performance. After all, an uncluttered desk leads to an uncluttered mind…
Features include:

  • provides power delivery to USB-C notebooks, while backwards compatible to also support
    USB 3.0 notebooks
  • compatibility with Thunderbolt notebooks makes M/Connect 2 a universal solution that is
    perfect during the transition from USB 3.0
  • supports 4K video resolution for up to two monitors or one monitor at 5K
  • seven USB ports for data and charging, including two 2.4A Type-A high-speed charging
    ports and one 3A Type-C high-speed charging port
  • the Type-C charging port and one Type-A high speed charging port are not connected to
    the computer to accommodate charging when security is an issue
  • integrated cable management through monitor arm
  • available without monitor arm as a stand-alone split dock
  • combination headphone/microphone port provides a convenient connection for
    headphones or speakers
  • supports every style and colour of Humanscale monitor arm
  • Kensington Security Lock Slot available for both the hub and dock for additional security
    and theft protection, and
  • limited three-year warranty.

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