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Heater Warehouse

Heater Warehouse


Heater Warehouse brings to Australia an amazing range of designer heating products for living rooms and bathrooms from Europe’s finest designers.

Our products range from the Cinier Grec/Egyptian hand crafted radiators made from Olycale stone, which is a natural white rock (from the mountains of the Pyrenees in the south of France) that is smashed down and remodelled to provide for an exceptional diffusion of thermal energy. Like cast iron, the Olycale stone emits soft and homogeneous heat at low temperature. Cinier radiators are perfectly silent.

We also carry a unique range of Towel Warmers and traditional Cast Iron Radiators from the Belle Epoque range, with the original designs that were in fashion in Paris from 1890 to 1914 during the Belle Epoque period.

For something more modern there is the Rude Towel Warmer designed by Francesco Lucchese.

Essential and useful, the Rude radiators are authentic examples of credible, accessible, design, while being multifunctional pieces of furniture – a single plate with a minimalist design and integrated shelves, with a lightness given by their extreme formal simplicity.

Then there is the amazing range of Art Radiators like the Geiger from Caleido in Italy.

Heat vibrates energy, such as light and colour. Karim Rashid, one of the most famous and prolific personalities of international design, has created authentic ‘heating paintings’, works of steel engraved directly onto sheet metal – a perfect symbiosis of warmth and colour.

Heater Warehouse has something for every taste. To see the full range, visit www.heaterwarehouse.com.au.

Contact us for any enquiries and for your full-colour catalogue:

Ph: 1300 422 099


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