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For Gray Puksand, there’s no need to sacrifice aesthetics in order to tread lightly on the earth

For Gray Puksand, there’s no need to sacrifice aesthetics in order to tread lightly on the earth


Given the idyllic setting and the relaxed lifestyle Queensland is renowned for, it’s not surprising that when Cromwell Property Group set about designing its global head office, it placed sustainability and beauty at the core. To realise their vision, they engaged leading architecture and design practice Gray Puksand, who are renowned for their ability to seamlessly translate ideas into reality. 

Cromwell Property Group’s Global head office located in Brisbane is a master class in sustainable authentic design, placing an emphasis on the environment.
Placing an emphasis on the environment

For the Gray Puksand team, the first step of the Cromwell project was to engage fully with Cromwell to understand their design objectives. The starting point for the project placed a significant emphasis on environmental consciousness. For the designers, it was essential to act as trusted advisors and inherently prioritise eco-friendly choices.

With environmental consciousness top of mind, combined with the desire to create a space which felt authentic, warm and comfortable, the design decision to use ForestOne’s EGGER range was a proactive one, driven by an understanding of the market and a commitment to responsible specification.

EGGER laminate Beige Textile is paired with with Tobacco Pacific Walnut on the wall unit. Together with brass details and rich textiles, a premium, authentic mid-century modern style that strikes a balance between aesthetics and sustainability is created.
ForestOne’s EGGER strikes the balance between aesthetics and sustainability

ForestOne’s EGGER range offers a number of sustainability benefits. EGGER Eurodekor panels have a negative carbon footprint and are made from 76 percent recycled content. While EGGER laminate has a low carbon footprint of just 2.03kg CO2/m2. 

Striking the perfect balance between form, function, sustainability and aesthetics in a modern workplace is one of the most challenging aspects of interior architecture. Not only does the space need to function as an office from a practical and productivity perspective, but it also needs to be beautiful, inspirational, and reflective of the ethos of the company and the place.

Far too often, designers feel that they need to compromise on aesthetics in order to achieve an environmentally sustainable outcome. What Cromwell Property’s head office project demonstrates is that this is not the case. It is entirely possible to design thoughtful spaces that prioritise emotional connections between people, places and technology to foster community, wellbeing, and learning, at the same time as treading lightly on the planet. 

For the Gray Puksand team, the environmental credentials of ForestOne’s EGGER range, combined with the extensive variety of finishes and colours available made it the logical, and only choice. 

ForestOne’s EGGER range is ideal for high touch zones due to its durability, sustainability and stylish finishes. Seen here is EGGER Natural Kendal Oak and Cashmere Grey.

“Oak timber was a prominent feature throughout the design and was a topic of discussion very early on in the concept phase,” Melanie Johnson of Gray Puksand says. “Understanding that there would be a mix of natural timbers and laminate materials, it was crucial that the relationship between the two felt natural. The patterns of the timber look laminates, and the warm colours throughout the EGGER range, made it a simple choice during product specification.” 

Creating inspirational best practice workplaces with EGGER

The design of Cromwell Property’s head office is authentic to Queensland, incorporating native plants, natural light, and a warm colour palette. It is also authentic to Cromwell Property’s brand and culture, expressing their absolute commitment to sustainability targets within their business. 

The eco-friendly attributes of the EGGER range, and ForestOne’s commitment to doing the right thing, was perfectly aligned with both the deisgners and and the clients goals of creating a best practice workspace.

Additionally, the depth and breadth of colours and textures available within the EGGER range meant that the design team had no doubt about the choice of products and great confidence in its ability to integrate effortlessly with other materials. “Texture, being a critical component for the materiality, was integrated through upholstery, flooring, wall coverings, bench-top surfaces and timber look laminates,” Johnson explains. “The neutrality that the ForestOne range offers meant that these products seamlessly blended with the surrounding textures, bringing depth and considered layering to the space.” 

In this meeting space, EGGER Premium White Gloss has been used as a whiteboard, a truly innovative and sustainable design notion.

From the client and Gray Puksand’s perspective, the vision for Cromwell’s head office was one that sets a standard for best practices in workplace design, offering a template for creating a thriving, innovative, and emotionally connected working environment. Through the inclusion of ForestOne’s EGGER range, which works in perfect harmony with the artists of architectural design, the vision has become a reality.

Photography by Tanika Blair, courtesy of ForestOne

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